100 Hot Comics: Star Wars 68

100 Hot Comics: Star Wars #68, 2nd Boba Fett

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Why Star Wars 68 is a Hot Comic

Disney + brought Boba Fett to the world of streaming binge-watching with The Mandalorian.

But Boba Fett has always enjoyed a special place in the hearts of Star Wars fans.

This book (and Star Wars #42 as well) is probably benefiting from the Coronavirus price bubble for collectibles, with consumers unable to spend their money on anything else at the moment.

Proceed with caution on this book and other common key issues, as prices are rather too buoyant.

What to Invest In

If you can find one... consider the Canadian price variant.

SW#68 is a VERY COMMON book that is still going to cost you $350 to acquire in 9.0 CGC form.

Be prepared to pay $50-100 for a VF-NM copy you come across not in a CGC holder online or at yard sales -- this is CHEAP compared to eBay prices...

It turns up in every Star Wars comic collection we are offered.


Note that there is a newsstand version (bar code UPC instead of Spider-Man's head) which is worth a little more in most grades than the regular edition. We have provided both prices below.

There is also a Canadian price variant. This is also with a UPC bar code, but priced 75c at top left instead of 60c for the US edition.

I would buy a Canadian price variant any day over the regular or newsstand. They are far harder to find than the others.

Star Wars #68 newsstand variantStar Wars #68 newsstand variant
  • 9.8 $1,285 regular / $2,250 newsstand / $1,510 Canadian Price Variant
  • 9.6 $760 / $800 NS / $420 CPV
  • 9.4 $750 / $790 / $105
  • 9.2 $450 / $480 / $160
  • 9.0 $350 / $350 / $120

Don't drop below 9.0. Honestly, this book is ridiculously hot.

It seems unlikely to stay so over-heated as this forever. If you are currently sitting on a copy, then I would consider taking the cash while you can.

The exception is the Canadian price variant, which seems cheap and under-valued.

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