NEW ENTRY! 100 Hot Comics #60: Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel 1

Why Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel 1 is a Hot Comic

Apart from a couple of appearances in video games, the Blue Marvel hasn't made a big splash outside of comic books.

But usually there is no smoke without fire, and this book is definitely smoking hot.

Somebody knows something big about this character. The price has doubled, and then doubled again, in the past couple of years.

The most recent sale of a CGC 9.8 is a new record of over $1,700.

What to Invest In

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This is a CRAZY hot book right now, but that makes me a bit worried about top grade values.

You definitely should avoid CGC 9.8. The most recent sale of nearly $2K is nuts.

I'd even say skip 9.6 and look for a 9.4.

That seems to be where the growth potential is for this book, and the price of entry isn't as high, so you have less to lose, or you can buy more than one if you feel lucky.

  • 9.8 $1,725
  • 9.6 $500
  • 9.4 $225
  • 9.2 $220
  • 9.0 $290(!)
  • 8.0 $105

Considering how modern this book is (2009), it is surprisingly limited in supply.

Yes, there are more than 520 copies certified, but that is quite few compared to other keys of the era.

I'm a little uncertain about the future for prices of this book, so don't sink a ton of money into it.

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