How to Sell a Comic Book Collection You No Longer Wish to Own

The old comic book collection from your youth, or that Uncle Charlie left you in his estate, may be worth just pennies per book -- but it might also be a little goldmine!

how to value a comic book collection? Pennies, or big bucks?

The problem is, how you can tell what you have, and how are you going to figure out what it's worth?

Unless you want to spend a lot of time researching exactly what it is you have, how to grade comics, and their current market values, you will be left guessing -- and at the mercy of dealers.

What If You Just Inherited a Comic Book Collection
and Don't Know Anything about Comics?

Sell My Comic Books has helped hundreds of people like you, who have a huge job on their hands to liquidate an estate, but don't know where to begin.

Here are testimonials from people we've helped. Click here to begin the appraisal process.

Expertly handled my Uncle's estate collection

by: Scott, New Jersey

Let me begin by saying, when I became in charge of handling my uncle's lifetime comic collection after he passed away, I was purely an "average comic fan" at best. I had no idea where to begin or where the task would take me.

I had over 12,000 comics (50 long boxes), tons of stuff graded and not, and all the classics. I happen to stumble across Sean and Ashley's site during my inventory phase and was instantly struck, not only by their knowledge, but how they could relay that information to me and have it make sense.

Without them ever knowing, they were instrumental in helping me wrap my head around the collection and seeing its great value and potential.

When it came time to finally take in offers I felt it only right to include them, and I was so happy I did. They approached the collection with the respect and dignity I know my Uncle would have desired.

56-box comic book collection purchased in New Jersey, March 202056-box comic book collection purchased in New Jersey, March 2020

I received numerous offers on the collection, but no one really approached the process like Sean and Ashley. I never once felt uncomfortable with them, from our initial emails, to the hours they spent surveying the collection on the purchasing day. I felt they were always honest and upfront with me.

Their offer was the best offer for us in the end, not just because of the money we received but also because of how comfortable they made my whole family feel during this process.

Stumbling across their site was the absolute best thing that happened to me. I received a very respectable offer and I left knowing that my uncle's lifetime collection of comics had gone to a group of guys who truly loved comics the way he loved them.

I cannot recommend this company enough. Whether you are just looking to appraise or sell a couple comics or your uncle's lifetime collection lands in your lap, Sean and Ashley will absolutely give you and your comics the honesty and respect they deserve.

Assisted me with my deceased son's collection
Rona, NY State

"I recently decided to sell my son's comic book collection that he had amassed about 20 years ago. It was a daunting task because I didn't know much about the subject.

"I contacted Ashley at Sell My Comic Books after I found his site on the internet. The process was painless and it encouraged me to complete the inventory.

"Once done I submitted it to another comic book appraisal site and the two were valuations were reassuringly close. This gave me confidence to move forward and I decided to do so with Ashley, based on his patience and availability for questions and concerns along the way.

"I would highly recommend him for the positive way this experience unspooled."

What a Typical Collection Looks Like

If you bought these comics randomly -- say at an auction, or a garage sale -- then it's impossible to say what you're likely to find.

However, if you collected these as a younger person, or inherited them from an older relative, then we can quite confidently predict what might be in your collection.

If you're under 40 years old:

A collection you put together yourself from new issues will probably not have a lot of value. If you were buying books in the late 1980s and into the 1990s, there are literally thousands of these available. Very few key books exist from this period.

If you spent time and money accumulating older comics in the past, then that's a different story. You probably have a good idea of what you have in this case.

If you're 40 to 60 years old:

A comic book collection formed in your youth might have value. Comic books from the late 1960s and early 1970s always appeal to collectors, especially if they're in great condition.

If you're over 60 years old:

You could be holding a valuable collection, especially if you got a head-start by receiving comic books from a relative, or spent money and time tracking down older comics many years ago.

In all cases, the fastest and easiest way to find out what you have is to request a free appraisal from Sell My Comic Books.

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The Problem With Comic Collections

An average collector will struggle to justify purchasing the key comic books. So, most people tend to fill in the cheaper gaps at first, and then promise to add the key, expensive issues later on.

Those promises seldom are kept. Life gets in the way; your comic book collection lies forgotten in the basement or the attic.

When you come to sell your collection, it will quickly become apparent that the most expensive comics aren't present, and the overall value of your collection is lower than it might have been.

Another issue is the condition trap. It's pretty much the same: a younger collector can't afford top grade material, so they compromise, and buy mid-grade or low-grade comics to fill expensive gaps.

There is still a market for lower-grade comic books, but you have to be realistic about what your collection is worth when it's time to sell.

is your comic book collection trash, or treasure

Your old box of comics may be a treasure trove!

Is it Trash, or Treasure?!

The fastest and easiest way to find out whether you're sitting pretty is to get in touch and request an appraisal.

We'll be happy to tell you what you have, and how much it's worth.

If you need a written valuation for insurance or estate tax purposes, then we can arrange that too.

If you simply wish to sell, then we'll back up our valuation with a Dollar offer. Payment can be made promptly in any form that suits you.

Your comic book collection may be a nest egg for your future. Find out by contacting Sell My Comic Books.