100 Hot Comics: Albedo 2, 1st Yusagi Yojimbo

NEW ENTRY! Hot Comics 2020 #77: Albedo 2, 1st Yusagi Yojimbo

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Why Albedo 2 is a Hot Comic

I bought the collected edition of Yusagi Yojimbo for my son for Christmas last year. It's over 1,000 pages long!

Who'd have thought that a samurai rabbit would catch on?

But Albedo 2 is one of THE hottest 1980s comic books.

Owning one is not going to be a cheap investment. It's similar to buying a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1. Expensive, but probably a good idea.

What to Invest In

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Lots of grades are hard to read, but our recommendation is CGC 9.0.

  • 9.8 $31,000
  • 9.4 $7,000
  • 9.2 $5,800
  • 9.0 $4,406
  • 8.5 $3,275
  • 8.0 $3,898(!!)
  • 7.0 $2,631

The 9.8 sale puts Albedo 2 right up there among the giants of Copper Age comic book collecting. The next 9.8 to sell will be VERY interesting.

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