100 Hot Comics: New Avengers Comics 7, 1st Illuminati

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Why New Avengers Comics 7 (2005) is a Hot Comic

A secret society is very appealing as a fictional concept, and it's hard to argue with one which includes a who's who in the Marvel Universe:

With the Disney+ expansion of the Marvel TV series, this project looks to be worth keeping a close eye on -- and putting a bit of money into the first appearance in New Avengers 7 (2005).

What to Invest In

After hitting a resistance point at $400 a couple of years ago, this book settled down but has steadily increased in value again. Enough activity and upward momentum to be worthy of a place on the Hot list.

Modern books, unless a market really has taken off in a crazy way like Ultimate Fallout #4, should ONLY be bought in CGC 9.8 with White pages.

Recent sales:

  • 9.8 $260
  • 9.6 $135
  • 9.4 $110
  • 9.2 $85
  • 9.0 $85

We see a lot of upside in this book in the future, depending on which direction the MCU takes. The price of entry is not outrageous either.

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