100 Hot Comics #29: Caliber Presents 1
1st Appearance of The Crow

Why Caliber Presents 1 is a Hot Comic


It's nowhere near as expensive as The Crow #1, but this first appearance has become more valuable in the past 12 months.

Records have been set in all high grades, especially 9.8, which has broken the $2K barrier for the first time. Good luck finding it for less now.

Here are recent sales:

  • 9.8 $2,125
  • 9.6 $715
  • 9.4 $500
  • 9.2 $395
  • 9.0 $370
  • 8.5 $250
  • 8.0 $331(!!)
  • 7.5 $205


Here's the bottom line.

  • CGC 9.8 2020 $1,769
  • LAST SALE $2,125

The legend of Brandon Lee and the ill-fated movie set of The Crow has led to this character becoming very collectible.

As well as the first appearance in Caliber Presents 1, The Crow #1 first printing is one of the most sought-after comic books of the 1980s.

The entire four-issue run is red hot right now. Their all-black covers makes it nearly impossible to find them "in the field" in near mint condition.

Caliber Presents 1 might be the first appearance, but it's not as valuable as The Crow! But if you're going to buy The Crow issues as an investment, then you really ought to own one of these also.

Don't expect them to come along every day. But that doesn't mean you can't afford to be picky, as the analysis below shows.

What to Invest In

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Yes, Caliber Presents 1 is a scarce comic book that you won't see too often. But it's still a 1980s book that should only be bought in the very finest condition.

There are 68 CGC 9.8s and 103 CGC 9.6s, 96 copies in CGC 9.4 and 67 9.2s in the census at time of writing. This is FAR from a rare book. Do not let your standards slip.

If you cannot afford a 9.8, then perhaps Caliber Presents 1 is not the best place to put your money.

  • 9.8 $1,425
  • 9.6 $465
  • 9.4 $255
  • 9.2 $280(!!)
  • 9.0 $225
  • 8.5 $160
  • 8.0 $140
  • 7.5 $190(!!!)

You can see from the above recent sales that impatient buyers don't do well on a book like this one. Paying more for a 9.2 than a 9.4 means you will be waiting years to turn a profit.

As for the idiot who paid $190 for a 7.5... Don't even get me started.

A CGC 7.5 on an 80s book is equivalent to a CGC 2.5 on a 60s book. You don't want to go there unless you somehow have no choice.

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