Big Dollar Marvel Horror Comics: Top 20 Most Valuable

Top 20 Most Expensive Marvel Horror Comics

One of the hottest trends in comic books right now is the explosion in value of the Marvel horror titles from the 1970s. They are on FIRE!

Here is a top 20 most valuable, plus links to our issue-by-issue price guides. To have YOUR comics valued or to sell them for cash, simply click the button below!

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Top 20 Most Valuable Marvel Horror Comics

1) Marvel Spotlight #5 $264,000 1st Ghost Rider
2) Savage Tales #1 $37,200 1st Man-Thing
3) Tomb of Dracula #10 $36,000 1st Blade the Vampire Slayer
4) Werewolf by Night #32 $31,200 1st Moon Knight
5) Ghost Rider #1 $26,400 1st solo title
6) Amazing Spider-Man #101 $19,750 1st Morbius the Living Vampire
7) Marvel Spotlight #2 $14,000 1st Werewolf by Night
8) Werewolf by Night #33 $13,200 2nd Moon Knight
9) Tomb of Dracula #1 $9,600 Neal Adams cover
10) Amazing Spider-Man #102 Origin of Morbius
11) Amazing Spider-Man #124 $8,400 1st Man-Wolf
12) Marvel Preview #7 $4,500 1st Rocket Raccoon; Satanna cover
13) Marvel Chillers #1 $3,465 1st in title
14) Vampire Tales #2 $3,200 1st Satanna
15) Marvel Spotlight #12 $2,880 Origin of Son of Satan
16) Werewolf by Night #1 $2,880 1st solo title
17) Ghost Rider #2 $2,700 1st Son of Satan
18) Fear #1 $2,280 1st in title
19) Man-Thing #1 $2,280 1st solo title
20) Tomb of Dracula #13 $2,040 Origin of Blade
21) Marvel Premiere #28 $2,000 1st Legion of Monsters
22) Fear #19 $1,750 1st Howard the Duck

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