Hot Comics #3:
Incredible Hulk #1,
1st Hulk

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Why Incredible Hulk #1 is a Hot Comic

Hulk stole the show in the Avengers movies. And while his own movies were a little lukewarm, chances are the character will continue to cross over into other properties in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It is a much rarer book than most other Marvel key issue comics. Check out these total census numbers for unrestored copies:

Incredible Hulk #1 -- 860 copies graded

Journey into Mystery #83 -- 968 copies graded

Fantastic Four #1 -- 1088 copies graded

Tales of Suspense #39 -- 1180 copies graded

Amazing Fantasy #15 -- 1537 copies graded

Avengers #1 -- 1954 copies graded

Amazing Spider-Man #1 -- 1979 copies graded

X-Men #1 -- 2269 copies graded

You can see from the above that Hulk #1 is about twice as rare as AF15, but prices have not really reflected this. Demand is so high on the 1st Spider-Man appearance. But Hulk is smashing his way to the top.

The entry level 0.5 grade is now approaching $4,000. That's still a ways behind, but if this trend continues, Hulk #1 will become the most valuable Silver Age Marvel issue bar none.

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