100 Hot Comics #37

NEW ENTRY! Hot Comics 2022 #37: Fightin Five 40, 1st Peacemaker

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Why Fightin Five 40 is a Hot Comic

If you think it's a strange decision to cast WWE wrestler John Cena as the protagonist in a TV series, then think again. Peacemaker is a very popular show and it's catapulted this dollar bin baby into the stratosphere!

Pretty much any copy will sell for three figures at least. At the upper end of the grade scale in the investment realm, you're going to struggle to find well-priced examples, but I really believe you should do your best to wait for a good one. Copies in the GD-FN+ range are common.

What to Invest In

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Unsurprisingly for a book that used to spend years languishing in dollar bins, high-grade copies of Fightin' Five 40 are pretty scarce.

When they do come to market, sellers are often unrealistic about their asking prices. You should be prepared to haggle, and walk away if they don't budge.

Recent sales:

  • 9.0 $3,360
  • 8.5 $2,880
  • 8.0 $1,895
  • 7.5 $2,000
  • 7.0 $1,140
  • 6.5 $780
  • 6.0 $1,200 (numbskull FOMO purchase!)
  • 5.5 $940 (almost as bad)
  • 5.0 $700
  • 4.5 $475
  • 4.0 $400
  • 3.5 $310
  • 3.0 $405
  • 2.5 $340

Odds are that this book will drop back into obscurity, unless Peacemaker becomes a long-running sensation of a TV series. Which could happen. After all, it's John Cena...

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