Hot Comics #38:
Showcase #30
1st Aquaman of the Silver Age
and 1st Aqualad

Hot Comics #38: Showcase #30, 1st Aquaman of the Silver Age, 1st Aqualad
Hot Comics #38: Showcase #30, 1st Aquaman of the Silver Age, 1st Aqualad. Click to buy a copy
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Why Showcase #30 is a Hot Comic


Investors who bought this when we featured it last year will be pleased. The book continues to appreciate in value, and while Aquaman might not be everybody's cup of seawater tea, his Silver Age books are all relatively warm in the market.

They have been under-valued for too long, which doesn't hurt recent sales. A rare book in high grade, and there's plenty of support for mid-grade and nicer copies when they do turn up.

  • CGC 8.5: $4,300
  • CGC 8.0 $2,200
  • CGC 7.0 $1,300
  • CGC 6.5 $1,200
  • CGC 6.0 $670
  • CGC 5.5 $975
  • CGC 3.0 $270
  • CGC 2.5 $300

What a difference a couple of years makes! Marvel blazed a trail with a blitz of superhero movies, many of which created key issues from former dump bin stock items.

DC played catch-up, and now there are at least half a dozen DC movies in the works.

Aquaman is a Golden Age mainstay who was rebooted in this vastly under-valued and under-rated Silver Age key issue. Not only is it (arguably) his first appearance since the Golden Age, the issue introduces Aqualad, who later goes on to be part of the Teen Titans.

The importance of the Teen Titans shows with these issues also appearing on the Hot 100:
Brave and the Bold #54 (1st Teen Titans)   |   DC Comics Presents #26 (1st New Teen Titans)

Showcase #30 is a tough book in fine or better shape.

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