100 Hot Comics: Spider-Man Noir 1

Hot Comics 2021: Spider-Man Noir 1

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Why Spider Man Noir 1 is a Hot Comic

The cinematic debut of Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was such a success that it's a no-brainer for at least one sequel.

Several characters appeared in that movie, including Spider-Gwen and of course, Spider-Man Noir.

What to Invest In

There is a variant cover of this comic book, but it's actually worth a little LESS than the regular issue.

We price both for you below, where there are recorded sales anyway.

  • 9.8 $335 regular (LOW SALE) / $250 variant
  • 9.6 $310 / $100
  • 9.4 $215 / $135
  • 9.2 $140
  • 9.0 $150(!)

There is not a ton of action on this book in grades below 9.6.

The good news is the book is fairly affordable (for now!) in CGC 9.8.

The most recent sale of a 9.8 is a bit misleading. It looks too cheap compared to the 9.6 price. Expect to pay $450-475.

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