100 Hot Comics #68:
All New Marvel NOW Point One 1
1st Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel

Why All New Marvel Now Point One 1 is a Hot Comic


People holding either the variant, or a high-grade copy of the regular edition, will be pretty pleased with themselves.

My target grade increased from $265 to $425. The last 9.8 sale was $1,375 vs  $740 last year.

The variant hasn't sold again in 9.8, but the last 9.6 was a thumping $2,300.

Things look good for female super-heroes in general.

Recent sales:

  • 9.8 $1,375 regular
  • 9.6 $425 regular / $2,300 variant
  • 9.4 $275 / $1,600
  • 9.2 $275 / $1,290
  • 9.0 $200
  • 8.5 $200 / $725
  • 8.0 $125

It's all-change in the MCU, with upcoming Marvel movies featuring female and visible minority versions of superheroes, as well as brand new franchises returning to the fold.

Jane Foster as Thor, Miles Morales as Spider-Man, and with All-New Marvel Now Point One #1, Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel.

While some of the shine has definitely come off of the Ms. Marvel character due to a mixed reception to her rushed movie and appearance in Avengers: Endgame, a reboot featuring Khan seems the most likely way forward.

Consequently, this book has heated up in the past year.

What to Invest In

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As usual for modern comic books, you have to go high grade or go home. While lower-quality copies do change hands, it's not a place I would put cash.

9.8s are currently 3x the 9.6 price, and I see price compression in the 9.2 and 9.4 grades. That will naturally push up the 9.6, which is currently under-priced.

There is a variant edition which is one of the top 100 variant comics by value.

Below, we price the regular and variant editions for recent sales.

  • 9.8 $740 regular / $2,600 variant
  • 9.6 $265 / $1,325
  • 9.4 $155 / $850
  • 9.2 $155 / $525
  • 9.0 $115
  • 8.5 $135(!)
  • 8.0 $90

If you're not sure about variant comics, then we don't recommend getting involved in that rarefied market. It's not for the feint of hearts.

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