100 Hot Comics #27: All-Star Western 10, 1st Jonah Hex

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Why All Star Western 10 is a Hot Comic


You might ask why this book isn't in the top 10 with new records set?

$13,800 in CGC 9.8 and $3,000 in CGC 9.6 are both new highs in the past 12 months. But the simple fact is, this is a more obscure title and there are fewer sales than many from the era.

Jonah Hex! The scarred bounty hunter has been a mainstay of off-beat stories since his creation in 1972.

Recent speculation that the character is due a reboot in the DC Universe has seen this book (relatively speaking in the tough post-Covid marketplace) heating up.

When everything else is falling, a book (especially one like this with a less than mainstream appeal) that is ticking up or sideways is worth keeping an eye on. It's this year's highest new entry on the 2023 100 Hot Comics list.

What to Invest In


High-grade copies of this book don't change hands very often. The last sale of a 9.8 is an outstanding $9,000, and with only eight such copies in the CGC census, it's hardly a surprise.

In fact, there are only 159 copies graded 9.0 or higher. All-Star Western was a low-selling book and this is reflected in the scarcity of nice examples in the market.

  • 9.8 $9,000
  • 9.6 $2,775
  • 9.4 $1,240
  • 9.2 $900
  • 9.0 $1,100
  • 8.5 $780
  • 8.0 $680
  • 7.5 $550
  • 7.0 $440
  • 6.5 $380
  • 6.0 $385
  • 5.5 $260
  • 5.0 $300
  • 4.5 $285
  • 4.0 $235

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