NEW ENTRY! Hot Comics #25: Dazzler #1
Taylor Swift Rumors

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Why Dazzler #1 is a Hot Comic

Whenever Taylor Swift shows up, the game changes.

If you're watching the SuperBowl when she is, then you're going to get hit with cutaways to her and her friends going nuts when their team does well.

If you're speculating on the MCU, then rumors of her appearance as Dazzler is all it takes.

The ironic thing is that prices haven't really gone anywhere, but in a market full of ice, this is a red-hot spec book. For now, anyway.

Recent sales:

  • 9.8 $180
  • 9.6 $93
  • 9.4 $60
  • 9.2 $85
  • 9.0 $33
  • 8.5 $21
  • 8.0 $53
  • 7.5 $53

There is a printing error variant, where pages 24 and 25 were accidentally printed in black and white. Interest in errors is strong these days, and prices reflect that.

Error variant recent sales:

  • 9.8 $255
  • 9.6 $100
  • 9.4 $85
  • 9.2 $60
  • 9.0 $68
  • 8.5 $45

What to Invest In

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Don't buy anything less than a CGC 9.8. This is a very common book.

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