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100 Hot Comics: Ms Marvel 1
1st Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel. DROPPED OUT OF LIST

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Why Ms Marvel 1 is a Hot Comic

Ms Marvel 1 is a rollercoaster ride of a comic book! Investing in this book is not for the feint of heart, nor will things settle down anytime soon.

A few years ago, when the Captain Marvel movie rumor mill was in full stream, CGC 9.8s were selling for $1,300 or so.

Today, with the stunning, didn't-see-that-coming Avengers: Infinity War post-credit scene giveaway letting the Captain Marvel cat out of the bag, this book has reached $2,400 in 2019 and regularly breaks $2,000 in 9.8.

Last year's crazy speculation saw it hit $3,950 at one point!

(Hope that wasn't you, by the way...)

There are lots of other Marvel comics whose prices are affected by various movies this year. I had to be pretty ruthless about what made the cut.

There will still be a few surprises. There are leaks in Marvel Studios, but not every detail of every hero and villain makes it out.

So why do I recommend this book? The character will at least be in her own standalone movie and Endgame, if not more in the future. That should be tempered by the fact that this is a very common book which turns up in collections all the time.

What to Invest In

There are more than 220 copies of this book in CGC 9.8 and over 500 in CGC 9.6 in the census. Demand is currently propping up values.

The last sale of a CGC 9.4 was $360. To me, this is enough risk in a book which has already proven itself to be subject to big value swings ast he market ebbs and flows.

I don't trust the higher grades to hold their value. I don't like this book in lower grade, because its mostly-black cover looks bad eith wear and creasing.

There is also too much price compression between VF and 9.2:

  • CGC 8.5 $218
  • CGC 9.0 $225
  • CGC 9.2 $250

9.4 is risky enough. Get out with 50 percent profit if you get the chance.

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