Hot Comics #92: Spider-Men #7, 1st New Spider-Boy

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Why Spider-Man 7 (2023) is a Hot Comic

The surprise introduction of a new Spider-Boy led to this June 2023 release catching fire.

Interest hasn't waned yet. Although record highs of a shade over $200 have not been seen since, and supply is sure to be plentiful, it's worth keeping your eye on this book.

There are multiple variant covers. The Ross sketch is popular, with the Doctor Octopus treatment.

My personal pick to watch on this book, though, is the 3rd printing. The market tends to under-value second and subsequent printings, and one day that is going to catch up with collectors.

What to Invest In

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For the Ross sketch variant, as with the regular edition, extra supply has hit the market and prices have definitely declined since its release.


  • 9.8 $79
  • 9.6 $50
  • 9.4 $30

Ross Sketch Variant

  • 9.8 $165

3rd Print

  • 9.8 $65
  • 9.6 $23

Keep a careful eye on price movement. For now, this is a tentative entry to the hot list.

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