NEW ENTRY! Hot Comics #98: Thanos 13, 1st Cosmic Ghost Rider

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Why Thanos 13 is a Hot Comic

Thanos 13 is hot because of Avengers: Endgame. Beyond that, I cannot say why.

I am possibly the ONLY person in the world (certainly the only person who works for Sell My Comic Books!) not to keep my finger on the superhero movie pulse.

I refuse to watch trailers, spoiler videos on YouTube, read endless blogs trying to predict what's happening in upcoming Marvel movies...

Judging by the copies of this book selling on eBay while I was researching this year's 100 Hot Comics, Cosmic Ghost Rider is important to the movie.

I don't want to find out more. If you're not allergic to spoilers, then you can look it up yourself and I only ask, don't tell me a thing!

What to Invest In

There are two comics worth buying here. The first is a regular CGC 9.8 edition, and the second is the Albuquerque variant edition.

WARNING: this is exactly the kind of book which will drop in value rapidly if Cosmic Ghost Rider doesn't have a big future in the MCU.

I'll say this now. I will be SHOCKED if this book makes the cut for next year's list. So many minor keys which are briefly hot due to movies fall off a cliff a few weeks after the opening weekend.

From an investment standpoint, you should probably look to get a quick profit while the Avengers: Endgame fuss is at its peak.


The #1 rule for modern comics is, don't let your standards slip. I'll allow CGC 9.6 for the variant, because 9.8s are approaching $800 now.

Modern comics tend to be instantly bagged and boarded. A 9.2 is a real dog, comparatively speaking.

I also am leery of putting decent money into modern comics, which have very uncertain print runs. I would always prefer a vintage key issue -- Iron Man #55 (1st appearance of Thanos) for example -- over a modern comic book.

$400 will buy you a CGC 5.0 of IM#55.

Thanos 13 Albuquerque variant cover CGC 9.6. Last sale $400. Click to find a copyThanos 13 Albuquerque variant CGC 9.6. Last sale $400. Click to buy

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