Hot Comics #5:
NYX #3, 1st X-23 (Wolverine's Daughter)

Hot Comics #5: NYX #3, 1st X-23 (Wolverine's Daughter)
Hot Comics #5: NYX #3, 1st X-23 (Wolverine's Daughter). Click to buy a copy
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Why NYX #3 is a Hot Comic


(SPOILER ALERT!) With the death of Wolverine in the Logan movie, all eyes are on X-23 as the future star of the Wolverine franchise.

As expected, prices went crazy just before the movie came out. But unexpectedly, sales have continued to be strong, as speculation of X-23 in future movies is rife. Still a good time to invest? We believe so.

  • CGC 9.9: $4,500
  • CGC 9.8 $780
  • CGC 9.6 $480
  • CGC 9.0 $370
  • CGC 7.5 $270

Everything Wolverine is red hot now. Several of the books on the Hot 100 list are key Wolverine comic books, including the following:

Incredible Hulk #180

Incredible Hulk #181

Giant-Size X-Men #1

NYX #3 is definitely among the most in-demand modern books. It's fascinating to see what happens to prices of relatively common books like this when demand goes crazy.

Insist on a CGC 9.8 with white pages, ignore all the crazy stuff that's hard to price like CGC Signature Series, and you should do well over time.

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