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Alias #1, 1st Jessica Jones

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Why Alias #1 is a Hot Comics LOSER


While Jessica Jones the series was well-received, and the character has a chance to cross over Netflix properties, the book is as cold as it gets.

  • CGC 9.8 $210
  • CGC 9.6 $85
  • CGC 9.4 $90
  • CGC 9.2 $70
  • CGC 9.0 $50

Jessica Jones was not part of the original Alias TV series, despite her first appearance being in a comic book of that title.

Now she is rocking her own standalone Netflix series called (wait for it) Jessica Jones.

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A recent eBay auction shows a copy of this book signed by David Tennant, the actor who plays Purple Man in the Daredevil Netflix show.

What does that mean? Has Marvel finally decided to start crossing over all their Netflix characters from show to show? If so, stand well back, because if Ms. Jones starts appearing in all the Marvel properties, then this book will go supernova!

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