DC Comics Characters: Comic Price Guides

The famous DC Comics characters, such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and the Justice League of America, are the most popular collectibles in the DC universe.

This has a big impact on your returns when you decide to sell your comic books.

Here's a list of the best DC Comics characters, with some key comic books from each. If you have anything you'd like to sell or appraise, then click the button below.

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Detailed Comic Book Price Guides for All DC Comics Characters

#1: Batman Comics

A couple of reasons see the Caped Crusader beat the Man of Steel to the #1 spot on this list.

First, Batman is cool in a way that Superman clearly is not.

Second, there have been loads of great (and a couple of not-so-great) Batman movies since the 1990s. Superman has been conspicuous by his absence.

Golden Age Batman comics
Golden Age Batman comics

Third, there are arguably more important Batman comics published in recent times than Superman ones. The Dark Knight, a Death in the Family, Vengeance of Bane...

Classic stories, amazing (and often disturbing) artwork, and a character most people can identify with.

If you own any of the vintage Batman comic books listed below, get in touch and we'll give you a free comic book appraisal. We'll also buy your comics for cash, if you wish to sell.

See our full Batman comic book price guide #1-100 and Batman comic #101-200;

and the Detective Comics Price Guide #1-100 here.

Issue #s

#27 through #300, #359, #400

#1 through #200, #227 through #251, #404 to #407 (Year One), #426 to#429 (a Death in the Family), #497 (Bane)

Batman #428: a Death in the Family
Batman #497: Bane breaks Batman's back

#2: Superman Comic Books

Yes, he's the longest-running Superhero, and yes, he's all-powerful, invulnerable, invincible... Is it only me who finds this tedious?

Anyway, love him or loathe him, you can't argue with the bottom line. If you have classic Superman comic books, then you're in great shape, especially if THE COMICS are in great shape too!

See our full article on Superman comic books here and Action values here.

Superman #48
Action Comics #100

Here are the issues to look out for. Get your vintage Superman comics graded for free by Sell My Comic Books.

Issue #s

#1 through #300

#1 through #200, #242, #252

#3: Green Lantern Comic Books

The Green Lantern comic has never gone out of style, but the recent movie (and a promised sequel) has pushed up prices rapidly in recent years.

Golden Age comic books featuring the Green Lantern are rare, but there are plenty of Silver Age issues you should look for too.

See our article on Golden Age Green Lantern comics here;

and our article on Silver Age Green Lantern comics here;

and our Showcase Comics price guide here.

Green Lantern Comic Books
Green Lantern Comic Books


All-American Comics

All-Flash Quarterly

All-Star Comics

Big All-American Book

Comic Cavalcade

Green Lantern (1st Series)


Green Lantern (2nd Series, becomes Green Lantern and Green Arrow)

Issue #s

#16 through #102


#2, #10, #24 to #27, #58


#1 through #29

#1 through #38


#1 through #87

Of the above list, Showcase #22 and the Green Lantern comic 2nd series were published in the Silver Age.

The rest are Golden Age comics, and turn up much less often.

Get your vintage Green Lantern comic books appraised for free.

#4: Wonder Woman Comics

One of the longest-running superheroes of all time, and certainly ground-breaking from the female vs male superhero point of view, Wonder Woman is never far from the collector's consciousness.

Of all the DC comics characters, Wonder Woman was the one who most appealed to female comic book buyers. Some of the earlier books are truly rare.

Rumored movies in the pipeline have done nothing to dampen down enthusiasm for this hot super heroine.

See our full article on Wonder Woman comics here.

Sensation Comics #1: a rare early Wonder Woman comic
Wonder Woman #68 is a golden age Wonder Woman comic


All-Star Comics

Sensation Comics

Wonder Woman (1st Series)

Brave and the Bold
(from 1960)

Justice League of America

Issue #s

#8, #11 through #74

#1 through #106

#1 (1942) through #329

#28 to #30, #63, #78, #87, #105, #140, #158

#1 through #69, #128 up

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#5: The Flash

Arguments will rage amongst fans about the exact order of our DC Comics characters top 10.

There is no question that The Flash deserves to be on this list. He goes all the way back to the Golden Age The Flash comic book.

There are lots of key issues, which you'll be lucky to own!

Flash Comics #1 first appearance The Flash (Golden Age). Click for values
Golden Age All-Flash Quarterly #1. Click for values

First appearing in Flash Comics #1, there are plenty of rare comic books featuring this super-fast DC Comics character.

Issue #s

#1 through #104

#1 through #32

#105 through #200

#4, #8, #13 and #14

Flash Comics #1 first appearance The Flash (Silver Age)
The Flash #105 start of Silver Age series

If you have vintage Flash comics, then get them valued free.

Read our Silver Age the Flash DC Comics article here.

And our Showcase comic book price guide here.

#6: Justice League Comic Books

It's a testimony to the success of the combined DC Comics characters who formed the JLA that it led to Marvel launching the Fantastic Four.

Justice League Comic Books: Brave and the Bold #28 first appearance
Justice League Comic Books JLA #1

The line-up changed so many times over the years that it's impossible to list all the characters who starred in this team.

Highlights include Batman, Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Robin, and Hawkman.


Brave and the Bold

Justice League of America

Mystery in Space

Issue #s

#28 to #30

#1 through #100

#75 (crossover)

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You can also read our Justice League of America comics article for more details of this cool series.

#7: The Green Arrow

More than loosely based on Robin Hood, and with nods to Batman's back story, the Green Arrow first appeared in the 1940s in More Fun Comics #73. The run lasted until #107.

Throughout the Golden Age, the Green Arrow appeared in Leading Comics, Adventure Comics, World's Finest Comics, and Brave and the Bold.

Green Lantern #76 saw him team up with the Lantern for a run lasting until #122. Green Arrow also appears as part of the JLA from #75.

More Fun Comics #73 first Green Arrow
Leading Comics #1 Golden Age Green Arrow run


More Fun Comics

Leading Comics

Adventure Comics

World's Finest Comics

Brave and the Bold
(Batman team-ups)

Justice League of America

Green Lantern and Green Arrow
Neal Adams art
Moves to Flash


Issue #s

#73 through #107

#1 through #14

#103 through #269

#7 through #140

#85, #100, #106, #129, #130, #136, #144, #168

#75 through #181

(Green Lantern #76 for first team-up, continues as Green Lantern and Green Arrow until #122)

#217 to #219

JLA #75 Green Arrow joins the JLA
Green Lantern #76 first team up with Green Arrow

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#8: Swamp Thing

Since the legendary "pre-code" horror comics, collectors have always enjoyed scaring themselves with freaky and monstrous comic books.

Swamp Thing first appeared in House of Secrets #92, and has enjoyed a strong following ever since.

House of Secrets #92: first appearance Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing #1 from 1972


House of Secrets

Swamp Thing (1972)

Brave and the Bold

Issue #s


#1 through #24


Get your Swamp Thing comics valued free today!

#9: SuperGirl Comics

Every successful character gets at least a few spin-offs. Superman has spawned SuperBoy and SuperGirl, Superman's cousin, and the girl of steel enjoys a strong following.

SuperGirl Comics: Lois Lane gets superpowers in Action Comics 156
SuperGirl Comics: Superboy comic #5 SuperGirl

Her first appearance was in Action Comics #252, but as you'll see below, there were several other try-outs for a female counterpart to Superman, including a Lois Lane coma fantasy type storyline in Action Comics #60.

See our full article on Supergirl Comic values.


Action Comics
(SuperGirl tryouts)



Action Comics

SuperGirl (1972)

Issue #s

#60 (Lois Lane, Superwoman)
#156 (Lois gets super powers)

#78 (Claire Kent)

#5 (Queen Lucy)

#252 (first Kara Zor-El)

#1 through #10

Action Comics #252 first Kara Zor El SuperGirl
Kara Zor El as SuperGirl in #1 from 1972

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#10: The Atom Comics

One of the less-famous characters, the Atom's place on this list could have been taken by any number of other DC Comics characters.

But his long history and unusual nature make him worthy of a top 10 spot.

With some of the rarest DC comic books on his list of appearances, if you have a full collection of The Atom comics, then you're sitting pretty. Get yours valued today.

All American Comics #19 origin and first appearance The Atom
All Star Comics #3 early Atom appearance

The Atom first appeared in All-American Comics #19. He has made several other key issue appearances, and enjoyed his own series.

Issue #s

#19 through #72

#3 through #57

#80 through #104


#34 to #36

#21, #22, #37, #38, #64, #65, #82, #91, #92

Showcase #34 first Silver Age Atom. Click for values
The Atom #1 1962. Click for values

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Other DC Comics Characters

There are plenty of other DC Comics characters that might be considered unlucky not to make this list.

They include:

If you have a DC Comics collection that you want to be valued, please send us details today. We'll back up our valuation with a cash offer for your comic books.

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