Hot Comics: Fantastic Four 6, Doctor Doom and Sub-Mariner Team-Up

Why Fantastic Four 6 is a Hot Comic

I've talked multiple times in this year's 100 hot comics about the so-called 'homecoming' of Fantastic Four to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This has had a strong effect on many back issues. Anything with Silver Surfer on it has been on fire, but perhaps the most interesting impact has been on Fantastic Four #4, 5 and 6.

The Sub-Mariner has been in the eye of a storm of speculation, and recently this issue has taken off, suggesting that Marvel will turn to a team-up of villains to test the FF in their new in-house movie. This team-up between Sub-Mariner and Doctor Doom is a popular issue.

It's time to invest in a crisp copy of FF #6 if you don't own one already.

What to Invest In

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A couple of years ago, Fantastic Four #5 suddenly became priced out of most people's budgets.

The same thing is happening to FF #6, so the time to act is now if you want to get a piece of the action. It's already moved out of under-priced territory and into heated, though.

A CGC 6.0 with OWW or White pages would be my go-to grade.

Don't be tempted to over-pay just so you can say you own one. Be patient. This is not a rare comic book.

You can see that there is price compression around our target grade, with occasional 6.5 sales higher than 7.0 sales. Just be patient and don't budge on your target price.

  • 9.0 $5,200
  • 8.5 $3,350
  • 7.5 $2,055
  • 7.0 $1,800
  • 6.5 $2,000(!)
  • 6.0 $1,840
  • 5.5 $1,440
  • 5.0 $1,340
  • 4.5 $1,025
  • 4.0 $975
  • 3.5 $750
  • 3.0 $750
  • 2.5 $585
  • 2.0 $515
  • 1.0 $330
  • 0.5 $200

If your budget doesn't stretch to a 6.0, then my second choice would be a CGC 4.0, but set yourself a target of $1K and don't go higher.

If and when the bubble bursts on this issue, it is the low-grade copies which will suffer the most, as they are the common grades.

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