100 Hot Comics #19

NEW ENTRY! Hot Comics #18: Marvel Premiere 28, 1st Legion of Monsters

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Why Marvel Premiere 28 is a Hot Comic

The Legion of Monsters which appears in Marvel Premiere 28 consists of Ghost Rider, Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing and Morbius.

Three of those four are on fire right now, with the MCU and Marvel TV series spinning off into all kinds of interesting directions.

While Man-Thing is kind of like Ringo Starr in this context, the others bring the first comic book appearance of Legion of Monsters into the stratosphere, with prices tripling on this book in the past couple of years!

What to Invest In

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There has not been a CGC 9.8 sale for ages (October 2020 was the last one) and I expect the next one to smash the $5K barrier. There are 21 9.8s in the census, so it should not be impossible to track one down if you have the funds.

  • 9.8 $2,000
  • 9.6 $1,320
  • 9.4 $830
  • 9.2 $570
  • 9.0 $490
  • 8.5 $330
  • 8.0 $230
  • 7.5 $325(!!)
  • 7.0 $250
  • 6.5 $250(!!!)
  • 6.0 $185
  • 5.5 $150

You can see the impact of impatient buyers on the above prices, where lower grade sales exceed the sale of the grade above.

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