100 Hot Comics: Moon Knight (1980) 1

NEW ENTRY! Hot Comics 2020 #85: Moon Knight 1 (1980)

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Why Moon Knight 1  is a Hot Comic

With his first appearance in Werewolf by Night 32 red-hot (and high up the 100 Hot Comics list), it was only a matter of time before speculators piled in to cheaper books in the hope of making some easy profits.

There is a ton of interest in this cool character. One book that ALMOST made the list was Marvel Spotlight 28, but this book edged it out for two reasons.

One, it's more affordable, and two, prices are up in more grades on Moon Knight 1 than MSL28.

We'd ideally feature both as individual pages, but there were loads of other candidates. Without expanding the Hot 100 to more pages, we felt we had to make a call on this, so you are advised to buy Moon Knight 1.

If you can afford MSL28 as well, then add a CGC 9.4 to your portfolio.

What to Invest In

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There is really only one grade worth buying in this book, CGC 9.8.

This book is SO common. We bought a collection recently with the run included. When it arrived, there were 21 copies of Moon Knight 1!

Don't let your standards slip.

  • 9.8 $280
  • 9.6 $85
  • 9.4 $90(!)
  • 9.2 $50
  • 9.0 $55(!!)
  • 8.5 $50(!!)
  • 8.0 $55(!!!!)
  • 7.5 $35
  • 7.0 $60 (OMG)

You see how serious price compression can get on an easy-to-find book from this era.

Somebody hung out a 7.0 at $60 and some poor sap paid it. They will NEVER recoup that investment.

Once the Moon Knight TV series on Disney+ is given a release date, expect your faith in this book to be repaid.

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