Why Omega Men 3 is a Hot Comic


The willingness for collectors to pay good money for grades as low as 7.0 on this book have kept it alive, for now.

Despite being one of the most ridiculous anti-heroes ever (which never stopped Deadpool from being successful!), Lobo has a cult following.

Rumor about movies or shows involving Lobo have been around for years. It took a post-Covid dive in speculative books for this one to appear on my radar, and it will be interesting to see whether Omega Men 3 can sustain interest if, as I strongly suspect, rumor proves to be unfounded.

Can anybody shake up the DCU and actually get movies made? Time will tell, I guess.

What to Invest In

There is only one rule for books published since 1980. ONLY buy CGC 9.8s with white pages.

With nearly 2,700 copies graded by CGC in 9.8 alone, you should be spoiled for choice. It's a fairly affordable gamble too, as prices below demonstrate.

  • 9.8 $335
  • 9.6 $165
  • 9.4 $125
  • 9.2 $130
  • 9.0 $80

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