100 Hot Comics: Avengers 43, 1st Red Guardian

NEW ENTRY! Hot Comics 2020 #50: Avengers 43, 1st Red Guardian

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Why Avengers 43 is a Hot Comic

As usual, when the Marvel Cinematic Universe announces a new movie, there are spikes in the market. Even when a leak lets the subject of a movie out of the studio, the real excitement comes from the supporting characters.

Comic books which hardly caught anybody's attention suddenly become hot.

Not so long ago, I joked with Sean Goodrich that it's a shame the Avengers haven't tapped into some of the mid-Silver Age stuff. Issues #17 through 53 were almost all so-so back issues that were hardly worth the trouble of pricing.

With the Black Widow movie, plus the Eternals movie, we suddenly have Avengers #47 and #48, plus this book, Avengers 43, to get excited about!

What to Invest In

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Silver Age Avengers comics have been slow to appreciate in value, generally speaking. I find them under-valued relative to more popular series like Amazing Spider-Man.

This means that (for now!) back issues like Avengers #43 can be found for relatively affordable prices.

It makes it easier to recommend this book in higher grade, as seen in the recent sales:

  • 9.6 $5,040
  • 9.2 $610
  • 9.0 $550
  • 8.5 $400
  • 8.0 $350
  • 7.0 $270
  • 6.5 $150

My pick is 9.0 with white pages. Don't bet the farm on this one though.

I don't see this becoming a long-term key issue. Once the movie has been and gone, it's probably going to become the obscure Silver Age book that it used to be.

Still, worth a punt at what are bargain basement prices for a book from 1967.

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