Hot Comics #3:
Amazing Spider-Man #129, 1st Punisher

Hot Comics #4: Amazing Spider-Man #129, 1st Punisher
Hot Comics #4: Amazing Spider-Man #129, 1st Punisher. Click to buy a copy
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Why Amazing Spider-Man #129 is a Hot Comic


It didn't take Netflix to make Punisher a hot character -- but it certainly didn't hurt...

What you want to know is, what has happened to prices? Only CGC 9.8 has really broken out at the top end of the market. 9.6 and 9.4 sales are broadly flat.

9.2 and 9.0 grades have been on the uptick. But this book is a hot seller in any grade, making it richly deserving of its place in the top 3 this year.

  • CGC 9.8 $11,800
  • CGC 9.6 $4.250
  • CGC 9.4 $2,320
  • CGC 9.2 $2,275
  • CGC 9.0 $1,450
  • CGC 7.5 $910
  • CGC 6.0 $750
  • CGC 4.0 $500


Frank Castle's first appearance has become super-hot, thanks to the Daredevil TV series on Netflix and other Marvel properties being turned into series. He is strongly rumored to be featuring as a supporting character in one or more of them.

Prices have approached new records for many grades.

  • CGC 9.8: $10,000
  • CGC 9.4 $2,400
  • CGC 9.2 $1,900
  • CGC 9.0 $1,450
  • CGC 7.5 $800
  • CGC 6.0 $550
  • CGC 4.0 $440

Pretty much anything featuring The Punisher is smoking hot property right now. He's expected to cross over into the Marvel TV series Daredevil, Jessica Jones and others.

No book is hotter than his first appearance, of course, though we would also recommend a couple of other books (two out of three didn't quite make the Hot 100 cut this time around):

Amazing Spider-Man #135 (2nd appearance)

Marvel Preview #2 (Punisher origin) on the Hot 100

Giant-Size Spider-Man #4 (Spider-Man vs Punisher, rare in high grade)

There are a lot of copies of ASM #129 around. However, it is seldom offered in CGC 9.8.

Not everybody can afford such an investment, but we suggest that if you can, look for an example with white pages and nice centering, and hang onto it.

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