100 Hot Comics: Comico Primer 2, 1st Grendel

NEW ENTRY! Hot Comics 2020 #87: Comico Primer 2, 1st Grendel

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Why Comico Primer 2 is a Hot Comic

Grendel is one of the 1980s comic book characters that's becoming more popular, as children of that decade now have disposal income to chase their sentimental memories with.

The character has crossed over with various super heroes, including Batman, and while it's still possible to find copies "in the wild", Primer was a fairly niche comic book by an independent publisher.

The all-black cover of Comico Primer 2 makes it very unlikely that you will stumble across a high-grade copy by chance.

This combination of factors makes this a new must-have comic book of the 1980s, along with other better-known issues:

What to Invest In

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In common with a bunch of the most valuable comic books of the 1980s, Comico Primer 2 is pretty scarce in CGC 9.8. This book is from the first half of the decade too.

I normally preach 9.8 or nothing from the 1980s, but this is a tough book and you will probably have to beat the last sale price of $2,400 to get one. Ouch!

There are 33 9.8s in the census, which means you can find one if your pockets are deep enough, but there is more choice of CGC 9.6s out there.

This is our recommended grade, giving you better value for your investment Dollars than CGC 9.4, which is not much cheaper.

  • 9.8 $2,400
  • 9.6 $650
  • 9.4 $500
  • 9.2 $340
  • 9.0 $380(!!)
  • 8.5 $260
  • 8.0 $220
  • 7.5 $150

Avoid getting into the scrum for copies around 8.0 to 9.2. You can see how the demand for any nice copy has created price compression.

Don't be the mug who pays more for a 9.0 than a 9.2 will sell for -- it will take you years to make good on that error.

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