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Ashley Cotter-Cairns, Head of Comic Book Strategy for GoldinAshley Cotter-Cairns, Advisor to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide
Sean Goodrich, Head of Comic Client Partnerships for GoldinSean Goodrich, Advisor to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

Since September 2022, Sell My Comic Books has been owned by Goldin.

Here are customer testimonials. All feedback are from real people who sold us books.


Expertly handled my Uncle's estate collection

Let me begin by saying, when I became in charge of handling my uncle's lifetime comic collection after he passed away, I was purely an "average comic fan" at best. I had no idea where to begin or where the task would take me.

I had over 12,000 comics (50 long boxes), tons of stuff graded and not, and all the classics. I happen to stumble across Sean and Ashley's site during my inventory phase and was instantly struck, not only by their knowledge, but how they could relay that information to me and have it make sense.

Without them ever knowing, they were instrumental in helping me wrap my head around the collection and seeing its great value and potential.

When it came time to finally take in offers I felt it only right to include them, and I was so happy I did. They approached the collection with the respect and dignity I know my Uncle would have desired.

Stumbling across their site was the absolute best thing that happened to me. I received a very respectable offer and I left knowing that my uncle's lifetime collection of comics had gone to a group of guys who truly loved comics the way he loved them.

I cannot recommend this company enough. Whether you are just looking to appraise or sell a couple comics or your uncle's lifetime collection lands in your lap, Sean and Ashley will absolutely give you and your comics the honesty and respect they deserve.

Scott, New Jersey

"I had never sold anything online before, but we had some boxes of old comics and wanted to sell them.  I put out numerous requests for offers, but Ashley's offer was by far the best.  The process was all done through email and he responded quickly to all my questions.

If this is your first time selling comics, you don't need to look at any other company but this one.  Highly recommend."

Pat from BC

"Selling my comic books to Sell My Comic Books was an excellent experience. They offered me very fair prices on my comic books that made it easier to part with my valuable comic books. In fact, they offered more than anyone else in the business of buying and selling comic books.

"Quick payment and good communication was also another bonus when dealing with Sell My Comic Books. I will gladly use their services again when I am ready to sell more of my collection."

Greg W, USA

"I found Ashley by chance on a Google search. I had researched many comic book dealer sites but found them confusing and hard to navigate. Sell My Comic Books is a well-organized website that offers excellent and valuable information and is easy to understand, even for an amateur such as myself.

"From the very beginning, Ashley made himself available to answer questions promptly and honestly and also took time to analyze our comic list and scans as requested.

"We sealed a deal with Ashley for the sale of our books that was fair, honest and expedient. Thank you so much Ashley and your team at SMCB. I wholeheartedly recommend them."

Karen, Ottawa ON

It was a clear and efficient process and the prices offered were extremely fair. It was a pleasure doing business with sellmycomicbooks.com and I would happily do so again.

Kristin D., Missouri

"When I decided to sell my Silver-Age Superman comics, collected in my youth, I hadn't a clue what they were worth or where to sell them.

"But purely by serendipity, I approached SellMyComicBooks.com and found an impassioned collector and honest dealer all in one.

"Its owner, Ashley Cotter-Cairns, is a capable, straight-as-an-arrow, and fair professional, and should be on the short list of anyone wishing to sell a comic book collection."

Paul R., NYC

"Over ten years of closet cluster, I finally decided to sell my comics. After looking at various online bidding and auction sites and realizing how much time and more money I would have to spend, I decided to look elsewhere, and happened upon sellmycomicbooks.com. 

"Ashley Cotter-Cairns responded to the email I sent and helped me out all along the way. Throughout many emails and numerous (and I mean numerous) questions, he responded and answered any and all that I asked.

"If anyone is thinking of selling their comics, here is your answer. Just send the info, get appraised, then you can decided if the price is right. Once a price is agreed upon then you ship them, they will even reimburse your shipping costs.

"Definitely received a fair amount for each of the comics I sold them. Fast cash, Great Communication, an absolute pleasure to do business with. A personal Thank You to Ashley for all the help."

Bill C., NY

"As a comic book owner with some knowledge of books, but quite inexperienced when it comes to selling, I was concerned that it would be easy to be taken advantage of in transactions involving my more valuable comics.

"To my relief, my experience with Ashley was honest, fair and easy. I received a good price for my books in an agreeable and pleasant transaction without all the hassle and stress of selling on the open market.

"Ashley was open to negotiation and always courteous and clear in his communication, making the whole process smooth and uncomplicated.

"If you are looking to receive a fair price with minimal effort I highly recommend this service."

Dave K., North Carolina

"I had a great experience with SellMyComicBooks.com. They were very upfront with me during the process of selling my comics to them.

"They were quick to respond to me and give me feedback through the entire experience with them.

"I felt very comfortable dealing with them. I would definitely use them again and will refer everyone to them."

Curt, Utah

Ashley provided excellent service and, considering I'm from South Africa, proved to be very trustworthy given the distance of our transaction. Highly recommended doing business with him.

Barry L, South Africa

"After a wonderful find of old comic books in my attic, it was a real problem figuring out if they had any value.

"My local comic book store had no interest and searching for individual values on eBay would have been a chore.

"Fortunately, I came upon Ashley and his store after an internet search and what a pleasant experience. From simply sending a list and taking a few pictures, the books were valued and I was given a very fair price for the collection.

"All in all, I would highly recommend him!"

Patty, California

"Selling my comic books at SellMyComicBooks.com was very painless compared to having to sell them off one by one.

"They are trustworthy and you get the money even before the comic books leave your house! Will definitely work with them again in the future."

Caleb, Wisconsin

"Upon finding a set of old comics in my grandfather's home, I figured they had some value.

"I found this site and followed the easy procedure of sending Ash a list of what we had. This saved so much time than I thought would be necessary, as comics are not anything I have background in dealing with.

"Ash was very fair with his offer and made this process very easy and painless and I would absolutely recommend this site."

Matthew S, California

"I was very pleased with the deal we reached for my silver and bronze aged Marvels and as importantly for the transparency and integrity with which you displayed during the process.

"I will certainly recommend your services."

Bob, Ontario

"I recently decided to sell my son's comic book collection that he had amassed about 20 years ago. It was a daunting task because I didn't know much about the subject.

"I contacted Ashley at Sell My Comic Books after I found his site on the internet. The process was painless and it encouraged me to complete the inventory.

"Once done I submitted it to another comic book appraisal site and the two were valuations were reassuringly close. This gave me confidence to move forward and I decided to do so with Ashley, based on his patience and availability for questions and concerns along the way.

"I would highly recommend him for the positive way this experience unspooled."

Rona, NY State

"I acquired a few boxes of old comic books not knowing really anything about comics. I spent several weeks researching them and found that there were a few that actually had value.

"I decided to take them to a comic book store and realized they were not willing to pay anything near to what they were worth.

"Then I found Ashley, then the rest was history. Although none of the books were graded I feel I got a very good offer.

"From this day forward when I come across comic books I will waste no time before contacting Sell My Comic Books."

Viking, Illinois

"I needed some money to help my Mom with her property taxes, I had some comics I thought I'd try to sell...

"I did a search online on how to sell comic books and the first site listed was Sell My Comic Books. So I read through the site and I followed their three-step process and turned out to be the BEST thing I have ever found online!

"They are very knowledgeable about comics and prices and most importantly HONEST! I will definitely recommend this site to my friends. Sell My Comic Books.com is a 5 out of 5 stars in my book!"

Andy G., Indiana