100 Hot Comics: Bone 1 by Jeff SmithTIED FOR 78TH PLACE!

NEW ENTRY! Hot Comics 2020 #78: Bone 1 by Jeff Smith

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Why Bone 1 by Jeff Smith is a Hot Comic

Cute but hard-hitting stories and rare, in a word. Bone 1 is a must-own modern comic book, and the first printing is quite expensive.

Especially for a 1990s book. It's far more valuable than New Mutants 98 or Batman Adventures 12, for example.

The first printing can be identified by the red lettering on the title. Later printings are helpfully different colors.

We declared this a tie for 78th place with Batman #251!

What to Invest In

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It's expensive, but price compression at the 9.4 to 9.6 level makes CGC 9.6 far better value in my opinion.

Here are recent sales:

  • 9.8 $4,378
  • 9.6 $2,200
  • 9.4 $2,055
  • 9.2 $1,100
  • 9.0 $925
  • 8.5 $895
  • 8.0 $730
  • 7.5 $457

Don't lower your standards further than 7.5, even for a rare comic book. Bone 1 is still a modern book, after all.

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