100 Hot Comics #13: Brave and the Bold 60, 1st Teen Titans

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Why Brave and the Bold 60 is a Hot Comic


If last year was tough, then this year was worse, but even under those circumstances, owners of BB60 should be pretty happy with their outcome in the past 12 months.

DC keys have been underrated for ages, so it's nice to see them doing better.

New to the list in 2023 -- a year when almost nothing actually qualifies as "hot" -- this classic, mostly black covered Silver Age key reflects the excitement building around the Teen Titans.

While the MCU puts out movies which have begun to miss their steps for the first time since The Avengers came out in 2012, observers of the industry continue to hold out hope for the DCU.

My personal preference would be for DC to get purchased by Disney. You can say what you like about Marvel's movies, but Disney knows how to make a blockbuster. It's almost as if DC's properties are being deliberately under-utilized.

Imagine a dozen streaming shows and two movies per year. It would be a blockbuster for the often-undervalued DC Silver Age key issues that continue to confound belief, year in year out.

Routinely, when Silver Age collections of both Marvel and DC come into our office, the DC books are in lower grade. They are FAR harder to find in nice shape.

This book is a classic cover for the era and its black-toned cover is tough to find nice.

What to Invest In

Brave and the Bold #60 is best bought in a clean CGC 8.5. Click to find one at GoldinBrave and the Bold #60 is best bought in a clean CGC 8.5. Click to find one at Goldin
Click to buy a copy of this hot comic book

VG copies of this book are very easy to come by. When you get to VF or nicer, though, it's a much tougher ask.

There is not a huge difference between the price of an 8.0 or an 8.5, so the latter is my preferred grade. If you can find one, this is a great long-term hold.

  • 9.0 $3150
  • 8.5 $1100
  • 8.0 $885
  • 7.5 $660
  • 7.0 $500
  • 6.5 $400
  • 6.0 $355
  • 5.5 $220
  • 5.0 $180
  • 4.5 $280
  • 4.0 $150
  • 3.5 $130

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