Hot Comics LOSER:
Cerebus the Aardvark #1


Why Cerebus the Aardvark #1 is No Longer a Hot Comic


There are barely any sales. Ever. Probably not as stony cold as, say, Preacher #1...

The problem, then, is that Cerebus #1, a cool, rare and amazing book from the Bronze Age of comics, never deserved its place on the Hot 100 in the first place.

  • CGC 8.0 $1,275
  • CGC 6.5 $700
  • CGC 4.5 $500
  • CGC 4.0 RESTORED $250 (!)

Let's just begin by saying that this really ISN'T a hot comic at all! There is barely enough inventory in the world to have a turnover of sales.

That said, it's a book that should be on your radar, and you ought to buy a nice-looking CGC copy if an opportunity arises.

Cerebus is a cult figure. This was the first really successful underground 'hero' comic book and it's certainly got potential as a long-term investment. The census-topping 9.4 recently sold for $9,000.

Note that a counterfeit version of this book exists. It's nothing to concern yourself with if you're buying it in a CGC holder, as CGC is well aware of the book's existence -- and counterfeits are actually worth owning too.

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