Hot 100 comics list to invest in, 2019 edition!

The 100 Hot Comics You Should Buy...


Here are six of the new entries on this year's list!

Hottest Comics for 2019: New Avengers #11
Hottest Comics for 2019: Venom/Deadpool What If?
Hottest Comics for 2019: Vampirella 1
Hottest Comics for 2019: Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1
Hottest Comics for 2019: Ms. Marvel 1
Hottest Comics for 2019: Ultimate Fallout #4

Which are the 100 hottest comic books on the planet right now?

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Big-Picture Analysis of This Year's Hot Comics List

DC vs Marvel

The big news this year is, DC is stone COLD. Most of the DC books which survived fell in the index. Others dropped out altogether.

The single highest DC issue is Detective Comics #880, at #18.

There simply is not enough activity in the DC Cinematic Universe. TV and movie projects drive demand, encourage speculation, and so create hot comics.

Record Number of New Entries

This year saw no less than 27 new entries on the index! That's a lot of books which (for now at least) are hotter than the ones which dropped out.

The new books on this year's hot list were dominated by Spider-titles and Captain Marvel issues, as movie fever kicks into high gear.

There were also a couple of surprise new appearances:

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