100 Hot Comics 2021 EDITION!

Hot 100 comics list to invest in, 2019 edition!

The 100 Hot Comics You Should Buy...

What's newly hot this year? Here are six of the new entries on the 2021 list!

Ultimate Fallout 4 is new on the 100 Hot Comics list!
Hottest Comics for 2020: Star Wars 42
Hottest Comics for 2020: Silver Surfer 3
Hottest Comics for 2020: All New Marvel NOW Point One 1
Hottest Comics for 2020: Fantastic Four 6
Hottest Comics for 2020: Vengeance 1

Which are the 100 hottest comic books on the planet right now?

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Big-Picture Analysis of This Year's Hot Comics List

DC vs Marvel

DC might as well not exist as far as the Hot Comics 100 is concerned. Hardly any made the list, and the ones that are there mostly fell.

New Mutants #98 moved up the list again, but New Mutants #87 dropped out.

Surprising Top 10 This Year

We guarantee that you will be shocked to see a G.I. Joe issue in this year's top 10!

Also, be prepared to be shocked by how low some perennial favorites like NYX #3 and Batman #232 have fallen this year...

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