NEW ENTRY! 100 Hot Comics Bonus: PreCode Horror Comics

Why PreCode Horror Comics are Hot

You can own reprints of virtually any PreCode horror comic, but that's nowhere near as cool as owning the originals. This market segment has rocketed in value, and it's time to include it in the 100 Hot Comics list as a category.

These timeless images are thrilling and genuinely horrific, even today, when we are far more accustomed to gory visuals in TV and the movies. So imagine their impact in the 1950s.

Decapitations, undead, scenes of torture, bondage, homicidal maniacs collecting body parts, jilted lovers with axes... You name it, you can find it in PreCode horror comics, usually on the covers!

These images are so popular with collectors that prices are rising, even in a tough market where most prices have fallen.

Which PreCode Horror Comics to Invest In

Any of the following would be good places to start. You can see many more on our Top 60 Horror Comic Books page.

Here are some examples of PreCode horror comics that have gone up in value in the grade selected.

  • Crime SuspenStories #22 CGC 3.5 $7,100
  • Weird Tales of the Future #3 CGC 4.5 $4,830
  • Chamber of Chills #19 CGC 7.5 $31,050
  • Fight Against Crime #20 CGC 4.5 $7,500
  • Punch Comics #12 CGC 4.5 $38,400
  • Black Cat Mystery #50 CGC 6.5 $21,600
  • Weird Mysteries #5 CGC 4.0 $12,000
  • Venus #19 CGC 8.5 $76,000
  • Crime Does Not Pay #24 CGC 5.5 $17,400
  • Tomb of Terror #15 CGC 7.5 $16,800

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