100 Hot Comics #xx

BONUS NEW ENTRY! Hot Comics 2022 TIED FOR #97: Inhumans 5 (1999), 1st Yelena Bolova, New Black Widow

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Why Inhumans 5 1999 is a Hot Comic

Yelena Bolova has taken over from Natasha Romanov as the new Black Widow.

This book, which has festered in dollar bins for years, is suddenly flaming hot. And so much so that we added it after the 100 Hot Comics list was published.

What to Invest In

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This is so new to me that I haven't had time to process it yet, but initial research shows a lot of strong sales in this book -- as many as 84 last year alone, with a high of $800 and a low of $215.

Two sales this year -- plus one I just bought for myself (9.8 for $660).

Recent sales:

  • 9.8 $660
  • 9.6 $250
  • 9.4 $180
  • 9.2 $200
  • 9.0 $140

It's too early to know if this kind of interest will be sustained, but I wanted to share this discovery with you as soon as I could. Good luck if you get in!

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