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100 Hot Comics 2021 Index

LOSERS! Comics Which Dropped Out of Past Lists

Breakdown of Books on the Hot 100

As you make your way through the Hot 100 list, you'll notice a pattern developing. Movies and rumors of TV series create a ripple effect within series or character cross-overs.

Here we break down the 100 books by era, publisher or character.

Hot Books by Era

  • 1950s: 4
  • 1960s: 46
  • 1970s: 30
  • 1980s: 9
  • 1990s: 3
  • 2000s: 2

Hot Books by Publisher

  • Marvel: 76
  • DC: 22
  • Warren: 1
  • Valiant: 1
  • Mirage: 1

Hot Books by Character (and Related)

  • Spider-Man: 16
  • Batman: 9
  • Avengers: 4
  • X-Men: 7
  • Flash: 3
  • Superman: 4
  • JLA: 0
  • Fantastic Four: 6
  • Daredevil: 3
  • Other: 48

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