Hot Comics #85: Showcase #37, 1st Metal Men

Hot Comics #85:
Showcase #37,
1st Metal Men

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Why Showcase #37 is a Hot Comic

Speculation in comic books is a strange thing. A few years ago, now-key issues like Brave and the Bold #25 (first Suicide Squad) were unsaleable boat anchors.

As soon as DC announced the Suicide Squad movie, prices went ballistic. The knock-on effect of all the movie hype is to try to second-guess what else DC might create movies out of, or which characters might cross over.

Metal Men is definitely not an A-list team, probably third-string in fact, but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from creating "crazy" demand for this book, a tough first appearance from the Silver Age.

Most key Showcase comic books are scarce to rare in higher grades, and demand is heating up for all the big ones. You'll find most of them somewhere in the 100 Hot Comics list, with good reason:

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It's a difficult run to put together, being early Silver Age and highly desirable. Happy hunting.

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