Hot Comics #20: New Mutants #87, 1st Cable

Hot Comics #20:
New Mutants #87,
1st Cable

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Why New Mutants #87 is a Hot Comic

Deadpool is red hot right now, as you'd expect, with the movie still in theaters and copies of New Mutants #98 (also on the Hot 100) changing hands faster than any other book on the planet.

Cable's first appearance as a baby in Uncanny X-Men #201 is not super-valuable, but still hot property relative to other issues of the era.

But the real money is piling into New Mutants #87. The cherry-red cover is vulnerable to showing wear, so finding super-high grade copies is tough. Stick to CGC 9.8 with white pages.

This book has doubled in price in two years, largely because Cable has been confirmed as co-star in the Deadpool sequel. We still see plenty of upside.

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