Hot Comics #67: Forever People #1, 1st Darkseid

Hot Comics #67:
Forever People #1,
1st Darkseid Story

Hot Comics #67: Forever People #1, 1st Darkseid story. Click to buy a copy
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Why Forever People #1 is a Hot Comic

Darkseid is one of the central villains in the DC Universe. Upcoming movies will include the character, including Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

An argument can be made for his first appearance being Jimmy Olsen #134. However, the first full story of Darkseid appears in Forever People #1, and Jimmy Olsen #134 is struggling at the moment. Prices on that book have fallen rapidly in most grades.

FP1 has an all-cream/white cover which makes it hard to find non-CGC copies in very high grade.

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