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Key Issue Comics:
Detective Comics 359, 1st Appearance of Batgirl

Key Issue Comics: Detective Comics 359, 1st Appearance of Batgirl. Click for value
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Why Detective Comics 359 is a Key Issue Comic

You could argue that Detective Comics #359 (1967) isn’t the true first appearance of Batgirl, as there was a Bat-Girl (Bette Kane) who first appeared in Batman #139 (1961).

However, Bat-Girl was short lived and disappeared from the series after 1964.

Later, Bette Kane’s Bat-Girl was completely abolished and she became Flamebird.

Looking to strengthen viewership of the live-action Batman show, DC developed a new Batgirl, who was Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon’s daughter.

The “true” Batgirl made her first appearance in Detective Comics #359, helping gain new interest in the comic series and the TV show.

Batgirl was so popular, she almost got her own TV series!

Guide to Detective #359 Comic Book Values

Barbara Gordon and Batgirl’s first appearance in Detective Comics #359 lit a new spark in what some people considered a tired and old series.

Batgirl helped gain a new female audience and boost the ratings of the TV show.

Depending on the grade, DC #359 could be worth anywhere from less than $100 to over $10,000. Who knows – you could be holding onto a high grade DC #359 and not even know it!

By 1967, large impacting first appearances in Batman were rare. Many characters came and went, but Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl remains a legacy today.

Record sale is a CGC 9.8 (one of only four known) for $18,250.

Values of non-certified issues:

  • VG: $150
  • FN: $300
  • VF: $1,000
  • VF/NM or better: contact us

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