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Key Issue Comics:
Incredible Hulk 2, 1st Green Hulk

Key Issue Comics: Incredible Hulk 2, 1st Green Hulk, 2nd Hulk appearance. Click to buy a copy
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Why Incredible Hulk 2 is a Key Issue Comic

Revamping the Hulk after the first issue, the Marvel dream team of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko decided the monster looked better green (but still no purple pants).

In the follow up to one of the most valuable comics ever, Hulk #2 features Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk to battle the Toad Men who threaten to invade Earth.

Hulk #2 continues to build the romance between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross, while Bruce tries to hide his secret from her.

Many years later, the two marry.

While cleared of any crimes after saving the Earth from the Toad Men, Hulk #2 foreshadows Hulk’s nonstop run in with police and military, who all attempt to control is rampage.

Guide to Hulk 2 Comic Book Values

  • 9.2 $21,000
  • 8.5 $15,600
  • 8.0 $10,200
  • 7.5 $9,530
  • 6.0 $5,430
  • 5.5 $5,900
  • 5.0 $5,000
  • 4.5 $6,750
  • 4.0 $2,800
  • 3.5 $2,610
  • 3.0 $4,000
  • 2.5 $2,250
  • 2.0 $1,730
  • 1.8 $1,990
  • 1.5 $1,750
  • 1.0 $1,500
  • 0.5 $1,110

While not nearly as popular as Hulk #1, Hulk #2 is still a great collector’s piece and can drive a huge value on the comic market.

Collectors are eager to get their hands on this rare and valuable comic. Even in poor condition, Incredible Hulk #1 can sell for hundreds of dollars.

So far, the highest sale for IH #2 was $47,000.

Values of non-certified issues:

  • GD: $300
  • VG: $500
  • FN: $900
  • VF: $1,900
  • VF/NM or better: contact us

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