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Key Issue Comics:
Incredible Hulk 4, First Hulk Robot

Key Issue Comics: Incredible Hulk 4. Click to see values
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Why Incredible Hulk 4 is a Key Issue Comic

Ah, gamma radiation – what a wonderful thing.

In Incredible Hulk #4, Rick Jones helps transform Hulk back into Bruce Banner with more gamma radiation.

For the next few issues (until its cancellation with Hulk #6), Hulk uses gamma rays to control his transformation, and keep the intelligence of Bruce Banner.

Unlike the movies and Avengers films, the first Incredible Hulk series features a lot of interactions between Hulk and Rick.

It wasn’t just all mayhem and destruction – there was a deep emotional story being woven.

One thing missing from the first volume of Incredible Hulk is must-have key first appearances of monsters, villains or characters.

Sadly, Hulk doesn’t get anything like this until years later (specifically Wolverine’s first appearance in Incredible Hulk #181).

However, the first incarnation of the Hulk Robot makes its first appearance in Hulk #4, and has since been featured in dozens of other issues.

Guide to Hulk 4 Comic Book Values

While there isn’t anything particularly ground breaking in Incredible Hulk #4, because of this series scarcity and it only being six issues long, all issues from Incredible Hulk Volume 1 are valuable.

Depending on the condition, Hulk #4 can net owners between $200 and several thousand dollars. So far, the highest sale for IH #4 was $22,500 for a CGC 9.6.

Values of non-certified issues:

  • GD: $100
  • VG: $150
  • FN: $300
  • VF: $650
  • VF/NM or better: contact us

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