Key Issue Comics: Tales of Suspense 50
First Appearance of the Mandarin

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Why Tales of Suspense 50 is a Key Issue Comic

Tales of Suspense #50: First Appearance of Mandarin! He's the antagonist in the upcoming Marvel movie, Shang-Chi.

With nearly a year starring in Tales of Suspense, Iron Man was becoming Marvel’s most popular hero.

With a great backstory, super cool armor and gear, and the ultimate lady swag that all teenage boys love to dream about, Iron Man had it all except a central enemy.

Finally, in Tales of Suspense #50, Iron Man’s archenemy, the Mandarin (played expertly by Sir Ben Kingsley in the movie Iron Man 3 and then again in the Shang-Chi movie), appears for the first time.

A shadowy villain who wears 10 mystical rings, the Mandarin lives deep in the jungles of China. Using his 10 rings, genius intellect, and superhuman combat skills, Mandarin is a true match for Iron Man’s might.

Tasked to learn more about Mandarin, Iron Man infiltrates Mandarin’s castle. After a lengthy battle, Iron Man barely escapes with his life, leaving Mandarin behind and starting a lifelong rivalry that continues today.

Guide to TOS #50 Comic Book Values

As one of the most important and popular enemies in the Marvel Universe, Mandarin’s first appearance in ToS #50 is an issue that's worth decent money.

The record sale of $15,000 for a CGC 9.8 seems cheap considering the character's importance. This book seems under-valued relative to other issues from this run.

Now the movie has come and gone, there seems to be little future for the Mandarin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Prices have jumped since the movie announcement:

  • 9.4 $7,400
  • 9.2 $11,500
  • 9.0 $3,790
  • 8.5 $1,860
  • 8.0 $1,350
  • 7.5 $1,250
  • 7.0 $630
  • 6.5 $400
  • 6.0 $335
  • 5.5 $360
  • 5.0 $335
  • 4.5 $250
  • 4.0 $275
  • 3.5 $245
  • 3.0 $195
  • 2.5 $190

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