Key Issue Comics:
Amazing Spider-Man 6
First Appearance of the Lizard

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Why Amazing Spider-Man 6 is a Key Issue Comic

The great thing about the Amazing Spider-Man series is that it’s down to earth, casual, and can be read by anyone.

The same can (mostly) be said about the major Spider-Man villains, who are much more faceted and interesting than typical bad guys.

Offering a compelling take on Doctor Jekyll / Mr. Hyde, Amazing Spider-Man 6 introduces us to The Lizard for the first time.

Rising up to a challenge issued by Daily Bugle editor Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man travels to Florida to investigate claims of a Lizard man.

There, Spider-Man learns that The Lizard is actually a scientist, Curt Connors, who was working on a serum to regrow human limbs. Testing it on himself, Connors becomes a violent and uncontrollable menace.

Spider-Man develops an antidote to The Lizard’s problems and cures him (for a while).

Guide to Amazing Spider-Man 6 Comic Book Values

As one of the most popular characters in Marvel history, The Lizard’s first appearance in ASM #6 is a legendary moment for comics.

The Spider-Man Lizard is so popular, he was featured in three different Spider-Man movies. Could he come back in the next Spider-Man reboot?

Even if we have had all the Spider-Man Lizard movie appearances we're ever going to get, this comic book will always be in demand.

Amazing Spider-Man comic books are the world's most collected, and early issues have appreciated in value hugely in recent years.

Here are recent sales:

  • 9.8 $71,000
  • 9.6 $33,600
  • 9.4 $15,600
  • 9.2 $12,300
  • 9.0 $8,100
  • 8.5 $5,100
  • 8.0 $5,280
  • 7.5 $3,050
  • 7.0 $3,000
  • 6.5 $1,920
  • 6.0 $1,680
  • 5.5 $1,500
  • 5.0 $1,250
  • 4.5 $1,500
  • 4.0 $865
  • 3.5 $840
  • 3.0 $800
  • 2.5 $750
  • 2.0 $710
  • 1.8 $700
  • 1.5 $500
  • 1.0 $450

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