Key Issue Comics:
Detective Comics 400
1st Appearance of Man-Bat

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Why Detective Comics 400 is a Key Issue Comic

400 issues in – that’s quite a milestone for Detective Comics, which was started way back in 1937.

For this monumental issue, Batman gets a new foe – Man-Bat!

Dr. Kirk Langstrom was a scientist who developed a serum that could give humans bat senses. Hoping to cure his progressive deafness, Dr. Langstrom tests it on himself, but is turned into a ravaging Man-Bat.

Later, Batman and Man-Bat team up to fight off the Blackout Gang (first appearance), but their partnership is short-lived and Man-Bat mysteriously disappears. He shows up later in DC #402 where he and Batman face off as enemies.

The cover of Detective Comics #400 is unique in that it features Batman, Robin, and Batgirl, where previous issues left out Batgirl.

Guide to Detective Comics #400 Values

  • 9.8 $43,200
  • 9.6 $3,015
  • 9.4 $1,650
  • 9.2 $1,075
  • 9.0 $825
  • 8.5 $665
  • 8.0 $555
  • 7.5 $355
  • 7.0 $510
  • 6.5 $350
  • 6.0 $290
  • 5.5 $300
  • 5.0 $280
  • 4.5 $200

Man-Bat may not be as memorable as The Joker or Bane, but he has become a lasting Batman villain who still makes appearances today.

During the 1970s, Man-Bat was popular enough to get his own two issue series, illustrated by Steve Ditko.

Depending on the grade, DC #400 could be worth anywhere from $100 to over $3,000. The highest recent sale for DC #400 was $43,200 in 2021, which had a CGC grade of 9.8 (the highest grade for this comic).

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