Undervalued Comics: Showcase Comic 17, 1st Adam Strange and Alanna

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Why Showcase Comic 17 is an Undervalued Comic

When looking at the universe of DC Comics characters who have yet to be exploited -- admittedly, there are a LOT of candidates -- you could look to science fiction characters such as Challengers of the Unknown, or Adam Strange.

The first appearance of Adam Strange is Showcase #17. He appeared in #18 and #19 as well.

The point of Showcase was to try out new characters, and those who resonated with the readership went on to star in other series.

Adam Strange and his co-star and love interest, Alanna, appear on and off in Mystery in Space and Strange Adventures.

Their back story crosses over into the Darkseid timeline, and this is one of the ways that an investment in Showcase #17 has the potential to pay you back as the DCCU expands more rapidly as James Gunn oversees the reboot of the DCCU in 2024 and on.

Guide to Showcase Comic 17 Comic Book Values

  • 9.0 $26,400
  • 8.5 $13,200
  • 8.0 $14,400
  • 7.0 $5,520
  • 6.5 $4,600
  • 6.0 $2,575
  • 5.5 $2,300
  • 5.0 $1,360
  • 4.5 $1,530
  • 4.0 $1,050
  • 3.5 $1,300
  • 3.0 $950
  • 2.5 $540
  • 2.0 $500
  • 1.8 $400
  • 1.5 $450
  • 1.0 $400
  • 0.5 $220

As usual for DC Comics from the Silver Age, Showcase #17 is EXTREMELY tough in high grades. The predominantly black cover is certainly a factor.

The single highest graded example is CGC 9.0, with just two graded 8.5 and three graded 8.0. That means you could wait for a decade for another opportunity if you miss one in VF or nicer.

Even so, prices on this book haven't set the world alight.

The jump from very good to fine grades reflects the difficulty of finding a nice example. Stretching from a 6.0 to a 7.0 is more than 100 percent. For this reason, we recommend sticking to the range around 5.0 through 6.0.

Look for an example with most of the damage on the back cover.

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