Vintage Wolverine Comics Values

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Let's take a look at the most popular Wolverine appearances. These are comic books that most Marvel collectors will pay big money for.

Many of the key comic books appear in the run of Incredible Hulk (click for full article on Hulk comics).

Incredible Hulk #180, First Brief Appearance of Wolverine

Incredible Hulk #181: First Full Appearance of Wolverine

Incredible Hulk #180, the first brief appearance of Wolverine on the last page only
Incredible Hulk #181, the first full appearance of Wolverine

This is the big one! If you're a Wolverine fan, then you'll definitely want a nice copy of Incredible Hulk #181, the first full appearance of Wolverine.

While there is a brief appearance on the final page of Incredible Hulk #180, it's #181 where the big money is.

If you have a copy of this desirable first appearance of this classic Marvel Comics character, then it's a great find.

Even in really poor shape, this one has value. It's worth at least $200. In top condition, you're talking $10,000+! This is pretty impressive for a comic published in 1974.

#180 is worth at least $30 in terrible shape, up to $1,500 or so for a mint condition copy.

Get your Hulk #180 or #181 appraised for free. We'll also buy your copy from you if you wish to sell.

WARNING! Fake Hulk #181s on the Market

We were just fooled by a fake copy of Hulk #181. Don't be scammed!

Click here to read how to spot the bad ones.

Incredible Hulk #182, the second brief appearance of Wolverine

Incredible Hulk #182: Second Brief Appearance of Wolverine

While it's worth nothing like as much as #181, Incredible Hulk #182 must be on the 'to have' list of collectors seeking a complete run of Wolverine appearances.

The conclusion of the story from the previous issue is worth somewhere around $700 in top shape.

Send us details and a scan or photo of your Incredible Hulk #182 and we'll tell you what it's worth, if you wanted to sell it.

Giant-Size X-Men #1: Wolverine Joins the New X-Men Team

Giant-Size X-Men #1: early Wolverine appearance

This is another huge appearance for Wolverine fans.

Giant-Size X-Men #1 is not only the next consecutive appearance of Wolverine, but it's also the comic in which the new X-Men team is launched!

That makes it in massive demand for X-Men fans, as well as fans of the pointy-fingered Marvel Comics character with the bad temper.

This is another expensive comic. So if you have one in great condition, you should be very happy!

Even a bad shape copy is worth $200. In mint condition, you'll be looking to get around $4,000 when you sell.

We'll tell you what your Giant-Size X-Men #1 is worth. Simply send us details and a pic.

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X-Men #94: Revival of the X-Men

Early Wolverine comics appearance: X-Men #94

Here's another great comic to have in your collection.

The first appearance of the new X-Men team followed the publication of Giant-Size X-Men #1.

X-Men #94 is a highly collectible comic book, so if you own one, you'll be happy to hear that!

Your tatty old copy is worth at least $50, but the good news for people holding mint condition versions is that your comic's worth over $2,000!

Get yours valued today. We'll also buy it from you if you wish to sell.

Wolverine Limited Series #1 - #4

Wolverine Limited Series #1
Wolverine Limited Series #2

Here's another really popular series of Wolverine comics.

The mini-series, known as Wolverine Limited Series #1 - #4, sees Wolverine solo for the first time in comics. The story, set in Japan, is considered a classic by collectors.

There are so many of these available that your set of four, even in mint condition, is worth only around $300. Still, nice to have.

Wolverine Limited Series #3
Wolverine Limited Series #4

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