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Origin and First Appearance of Superheroes and Villains
Beginning With K


Origin and First Appearance, Kalibak, New Gods #1, DC Comics, 1971. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kalibak

New Gods #1, DC Comics, 1971

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Kalibak is a New God of Apokolips and Darkseid's first born son.

Kalibak yearns for the love of his father, but it is clear that Darkseid favors his other son, Orion, more. 

Kalibak is killed several times, but is always resurrected by Darkseid.

Later, Infinity Man kills Kalibak, and it is unknown if he was ever resurrected. 

Kang the Conqueror

Origin and First Appearance, Kang the Conqueror, Avengers #8, Marvel Comics, 1964. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kang the Conqueror

Avengers #8, Marvel Comics, 1964

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Kang the Conqueror is a time traveling villain who enjoys conquering and ruling various time periods.

Kang was once Nathanial Richards from the 30th Century.

Discovering Dr. Doom's time traveling technology, Richards first lands in Egypt, becoming Pharaoh Rama-Tut.

However, the Fantastic Four are also in Egypt and end his rein. 

Kang begins travelling all over time, often coming into conflict with the Avengers, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four.

Kanjar Ro

Origin and First Appearance, Kanjar Ro, Justice League of America #3, DC Comics, 1961. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kanjar Ro

Justice League of America #3, DC Comics, 1961

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Kanjar Ro is the dictator of the planet Dhor. 

While at war with three other planetary dictators, Kanjar Ro enslaves the Justice League to defeat his enemies.

However, they overcome Ro's power, and defeat him and the other three dictators.


Origin and First Appearance, Kanto, Mister Miracle #7, DC Comics, 1972. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kanto

Mister Miracle #7, DC Comics, 1972

Kanto is a New God of Apokolips and servant of Darkseid. 

Early in his life, he was trained by Granny Goodness before leaving for Earth.

However, after killing one of Darkseid's assassins, Kanto is rewarded and comes back to Apokolips to serve as one of Darkseid's elite assassins.


Origin and First Appearance, KGBeast, Batman #417, DC Comics, 1988. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, KGBeast

Batman #417, DC Comics, 1988

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KGBeast is the result of C.I.A. experimentation and one of Batman's most deadly enemies.

It is rumored that he has killed over 200 people.

After fighting Batman for several years, KGBeast is killed, but is resurrected in the Blackest Night storyline.

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Origin and First Appearance, Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass #1, Icon Comics, 2008. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kick-Ass

Kick-Ass #1, Icon Comics, 2008

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Looking to escape his boring and emotionless life, Dave Lizewski develops Kick-Ass, a hero without any super powers, but with the dedication and skills to stand up for the innocent and weak. 

During his first days as Kick-Ass, Dave is beat and ran over by a car, resulting in several metal plates and braces surgically implanted in his body.

He also experiences severe nerve damage that makes him nearly immune to pain.

These "modifications" make him a much better fighter and hero.

Kick-Ass fights using two batons wrapped in green tape.

The comic book has increased greatly in value since the Kick-Ass movie was released. A sequel is in the works.

Kid Eternity

Hit Comics #25: Origin and First Appearance, Kid Eternity. Click to find out the value of this rare comic book

Origin and First Appearance, Kid Eternity

Hit Comics #25, Quality Comics, 1942

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Kid Eternity was an odd hero who had perhaps the strangest set of super-powers in comicdom.

He was originally a nameless child (who only remembered ever being called "Kid" by his grandfather) who was killed when the Nazis sank his grandfather's fishing boat. The heavenly powers that be realized that Kid had been killed 75 years ahead of schedule, and to set things right they brought him back to life for an extra 75 years, with a mission: do good.

They gave him some interesting powers to help him accomplish this. By saying the word "eternity," he could summon any good historical or mythological person or animal to his aid. He could also become invisible and immaterial at will.

Kid Eternity's comic was canceled by 1949, but he was brought back in the 1970s by DC Comics, who oddly enough retconned him into the Marvel Family, who they'd also acquired from Fawcett.

Killer Croc

Origin and First Appearance, Killer Croc, Batman #357, DC Comics, 1983. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Killer Croc

Batman #357, DC Comics, 1983

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Waylon Jones was born with a form of atavism that gave him reptilian traits and abilities.

His skin is so hard that barely any object and penetrate it. Jones is also incredibly strong and agile, especially in water.

After suffering abuse at the hands of his aunt for many years, Jones kills her, beginning his life as Killer Croc.

Killer Croc first appears in the same issue as Jason Todd's first appearance.

Killer Moth

Origin and First Appearance, Killer Moth, Batman #63, DC Comics, 1951. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Killer Moth

Batman #63, DC Comics, 1951

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While in prison, Drury Walker formulates his idea of the anti-Batman – Killer Moth. 

Building a "moth-cave" and using a signal like Batman's, but only activated by criminals, Killer Moth helps several of Gotham's lowlifes fight Batman. 

Killer Moth's plans and ideas never really worked, and he wasn't taken seriously by criminals.

Later, he is killed by a thug in Metropolis.


Origin and First Appearance, Kilowog, Green Lantern Corps # 201, DC Comics, 1986. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kilowog

Green Lantern Corps # 201, DC Comics, 1986

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Kilowog is an alien who once trained new Green Lantern Corps recruits.

Following the destruction of him home planet, Kilowog goes through many changes, first becoming a KGB agent, and then later, the Dark Lantern.

After the reformation of the Green Lantern Corps, Kilowog rejoins as their trainer.

King Chimera

Origin and First Appearance, King Chimera, Justice Society of America (vol. 3) #24, DC Comics, 2009. Click for value

King Chimera is one of the newest members of the Justice Society of America.

Little is known about his background, except that his family was killed, possibly by King's own powers.

In the beginning, few of his teammates liked him, but he has grown close with Cyclone.

King possesses genius level intellect and was taught how to bend light and sound in order to cast illusions, such as making himself invisible.

King of Cats

Origin and First Appearance, King of Cats, Batman #69, February, 1952. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, King of Cats 

Batman #69, February, 1952

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King of Cats was Karl Kyle, brother of Selina Kyle (erstwhile Catwoman).

He had no super-powers, but committed cat-themed crimes like his better-known sibling.

He eventually went straight and fought occasionally on the side of good.

One of the lesser-known Batman villains.

King Shark

Origin and First Appearance, King Shark, Superboy (vol.4) #0, DC Comics, 1994. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, King Shark

Superboy (vol.4) #0, DC Comics, 1994

King Shark is a humanoid shark, born from either genetic mutation, or from a "magical" line of ancestry.

He is known as a killing machine with little feeling or consciousness. 

King Shark was responsible for abducting and killing a number of people in Hawaii, until Superboy defeats him.

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King Snake

Origin and First Appearance, King Snake, Robin #2, DC Comics, 1991. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, King Snake

Robin #2, DC Comics, 1991

Edmund Dorrance was a trained soldier/mercenary, and the father of Bane.

He adopts the name King Snake after the snake known for eating other snakes. 

After earning millions being a mercenary, Dorrace moves to Hong Kong, setting up a double life as a wealthy businessman.

However, on the side, he builds up a small street gang army.


Origin and First Appearance, Kingpin, Amazing Spider-Man #50, Marvel Comics, 1967. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kingpin

Amazing Spider-Man #50, Marvel Comics, 1967

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Kingpin, AKA Wilson Fisk, is the crime lord of New York City, and one of the most feared villains in the Marvel Universe. 

Over the years, he allies himself with Hobgoblin and Bullseye in attempts to kill Spider-Man and Daredevil.

Despite his appearance, Kingpin is incredibly strong and agile, and is well trained in several forms of hand-to-hand combat.


Origin and First Appearance, Klaw, Fantastic Four #53, Marvel Comics, 1966. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Klaw

Fantastic Four #53, Marvel Comics, 1966

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Ulysses Klaw is a genius scientist, who steals the metal vibranium from the country Wakanda. 

As a result of his experiments and the metal vibranium, Klaw's powers are unique.

He is made of "psionically solidified sound", giving him a bizarre and inhuman appearance.

Klaw is able to transform sound into intense high-volume sonic waves and blasts of force.


Origin and First Appearance, Kleinstocks, Uncanny X-Men #298, Marvel Comics, 1993. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kleinstocks

Uncanny X-Men #298, Marvel Comics, 1993

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Harlan, Sven and Eric are the Kleinstock triplets and mutant super villains.

They become embattled with the X-Men after they kill one of Professor Xavier's colleagues. 

During a battle, Eric is killed, but the two brothers continue on and join the Acolytes.


Origin and First Appearance, Knockout, Superboy (vol. 4) #1, DC Comics, 1994. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Knockout

Superboy (vol. 4) #1, DC Comics, 1994

Knockout is a former Female Fury from Apokolips who moved to Earth.

Originally, she flirts and taunts Superboy in Hawaii and later, they grow close.

After Knockout kills Volcanus, Superboy is forced to imprison her.

Knockout escapes and joins the Secret Six, but is later killed by Infinity-Man.


Origin and First Appearance, Korvac, Giant-Size Defenders #3, Marvel Comics, 1975. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Korvac

Giant-Size Defenders #3, Marvel Comics, 1975

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Michael Korvac was a computer technician in the alternate universe Earth-691.

When his planet is conquered by the alien Brotherhood of Badoon, Korvac's body is grafted to a machine.

Later, Korvac makes his way to Galactus' Space Station and downloads its data, transforming him into a cosmic entity with god-like powers. 

When he comes to Earth, Korvac begins a lengthy battle with the Avengers, easily keeping them at bay until the combined forces of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor overtake Korvac, and he commits suicide.

Kraven the Hunter

Origin and First Appearance, Kraven the Hunter, Amazing Spider-Man #15, Marvel Comics, 1964. Click to see current value

Origin and First Appearance, Kraven the Hunter

Amazing Spider-Man #15, Marvel Comics, 1964

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Kraven the Hunter seeks out Spider-Man to prove that he is the greatest hunter in the world.

Instead of guns or bows to hunt, Kraven uses his bare hands.

Kraven successfully defeats Spider-Man and then poses as the superhero, until Spider-Man regains his strength.

Kraven is one of the founding members the Sinister Six and has two sons that carry on the Kraven legacy.


Origin and First Appearance, Kree, Fantastic Four #65, Marvel Comics, 1967. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kree

Fantastic Four #65, Marvel Comics, 1967

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The Kree (also known as the Ruul) are an advanced militaristic alien race who have exceled in intergalactic colonization. 

When the Kree-Skull war begins, the Kree began experimenting on Earth's then-primitive homo sapiens, resulting in the Inhumans.

Later, the war spills over into Earth, and the Avengers get involved.


Origin and First Appearance, Krona, Green Lantern (vol. 2) #40, DC Comics, 1965. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Krona

Green Lantern (vol. 2) #40, DC Comics, 1965

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Krona is an alien scientist who is obsessed with observing the origins of the universe.

He builds a machine that allows him to view the beginnings of time.

When his machine explodes, the universe is shattered, creating the Multiverse - an infinite number of parallel universes. 

As punishment, Krona is turned into cosmic energy, forced to wander the universes alone.

Eventually, he arrives in the Marvel Universe, thus beginning the Marvel / DC Crossover (JLA/Avengers storyline).

Kryptonite Man

Origin and First Appearance, Kryptonite Man, Superboy #83, DC Comics, 1960. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kryptonite Man

Superboy #83, DC Comics, 1960

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Over the years, several people have been Kryptonite Man.

In most cases, Kryptonite Man has the same powers as Superman.

The first Kryptonite Man was imbued with superhuman abilities, after flying through a cloud of green kryptonite. 

Later, another Kryptonite Man appeared, and was a green-skinned clone of Superman.

Kulan Gath

Origin and First Appearance, Kulan Gath, Conan the Barbarian #14, Marvel Comics, 1972. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kulan Gath

Conan the Barbarian #14, Marvel Comics, 1972

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Kulan Gath was a sorcerer and enemy of Conan the Barbarian. 

After being killed by Conan and Red Sonja, Gath is revived thousands of years later, when the necklace that held his essence is found.

Kurrgo, Master of Planet X

Origin and First Appearance, Kurrgo, Master of Planet X, Green Lantern (vol. 2) #40, DC Comics, 1965. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kurrgo, Master of Planet X

Green Lantern (vol. 2) #40, DC Comics, 1965

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Kurrgo is the ruler of Planet Xanthan.

He has an incredibly large head and very small body.

Kurrgo relies on advanced alien technology and his loyal robot to fuel his mostly evil deeds.

When an asteroid heads towards Planet X, Kurrgo kidnaps the Fantastic Four so they could help him create a solution.

Eventually, Mr. Fantastic gets everyone off the planet, but Kurrgo is left behind. 

When Kurrgo finally finds his people, they drive him away. Later, Kurrgo's ship explodes and he presumably dies.

Kyle Abbot

Origin and First Appearance, Kyle Abbot, Detective Comics #743, DC Comics, 2000. Click for value

Origin and First Appearance, Kyle Abbot

Detective Comics #743, DC Comics, 2000

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Kyle Abbot was one of Ra's al Ghul's agent.

He now works as a body guard for Whisper A'Daire. 

When given a serum developed by al Ghul, Kyle is transformed into a fearsome and invincible werewolf.

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