Top 100 Comic Book
Investments During 2024

Hot 100 comics list to invest in

We're asked about hot comics all the time... which issues you should take a chance on in the hope of making money? Buying high grade copies of this top 100 will be a good gamble.

We have not published them in any particular order. We also explain why each book is hot.

Which are the 100 hottest comic books on the planet right now?

And if you want to invest in a copy of any of the 100, which grade should you seek out, and why? Click the arrow below to get started!

We count down in order from 100 to 1. Click the arrows on each page to go forward or back.

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Which Books Are in the Hot 100? And Why is There No Index?

Actually there IS an index. But you'll have to get to #1 on the list to see it (and #-1 to see the bonus content and special offers, as a thank-you for making it all the way to the end!).

We know the temptation would be there simply to skip ahead to the top few books on the list.

We don't want you to miss out on the 90 other books that we've spent weeks researching prices, sales data, historical values, and the reason they are suddenly hot.

This list is 100 opportunities to make money when you buy and sell comic books, with careful choosing of books, and timing to resell them.

Each comic book on the hot comics list has an explanation section telling you WHY you should care about it, and invest your money in a copy.

We also pick a CGC grade that is optimum for potential return on investment.

As to which books are hot, well, you'll just have to click the arrow and get started! There will be some no-brainers on the list for sure, but (we hope) more than a few surprises...

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Breakdown of Books on the Hot 100

As you make your way through the Hot 100 list, you'll notice a pattern developing. Movies and rumors of TV series create a ripple effect within series or character cross-overs.

Here we break down the 100 books by era, publisher or character.

Hot Books by Era

  • 1950s-60s: 48
  • 1970s: 20
  • 1980s: 10
  • 1990s: 4
  • 2000s: 18

Hot Books by Publisher

  • Marvel: 70
  • DC: 21
  • Warren: 1
  • Caliber: 2
  • Comico: 1
  • Charlton: 1
  • Antarctic: 1
  • Oni Press: 1
  • Mirage: 1

Hot Books by Character (and Related)

  • Spider-Man: 18
  • Batman: 9
  • Avengers: 7
  • X-Men: 10
  • Flash: 2
  • Incredible Hulk: 3
  • Fantastic Four: 8
  • Daredevil: 2
  • Marvel Horror: 5
  • Other: 36
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