Do You Want to Unlock the Secrets of How to Sell Comics on Craigslist?

Learn how to sell comics on Craigslist

eBay is not for everybody, and not every collection is worth the trouble, either.

We have laid out for you a simple guide to how to max out the money you make by selling your comics on Craigslist.

  • Learn what makes a good and a bad listing on Craigslist
  • How to write a headline that will get people to call you
  • Good and bad photos make or break your sale
  • Ten copy-and-paste templates to fancy up your listing, and make people WANT your comics!
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Sample Page from How to Sell Comics on Craigslist

Here's what you will get in this in-depth guide:

How to Sell Comics on Craigslist eBook

Step by Step instructions and screenshots of how Craigslist works:

  • How to write a great headline

  • What to do and not do with your descriptions

  • Why it's important to create desire -- even if you bend the truth a little -- with one of our great templates

  • Tips on how to research values of your comics

If you've never used Craigslist, it's a bit old-fashioned and hard to use.

We de-mystify the process and make it simple for you to quickly sell your comics for
hard cash.

How to Sell Comics on Craigslist eBook

BIG TIP: Don't Let Buyers Cherry-Pick!

How to Sell Comics on Craigslist eBook

Customer Testimonials

I sold my comics on the first day. No shipping, not eBay fees, no Paypal, no BS.

I read the book and immediately put the comics on Craigslist. I didn't REALLY feel comfortable using the "wife wants them gone" method, but it works!
Andy B., FL

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Use Our FREE Custom Templates to Sell Your Comics FAST!

These are all tried-and-tested. Craigslist still uses a language called HTML. Don't worry if you don't know it -- we include ten HTML templates. You just copy and paste.

The methods WORK.

Some are not for everybody. Not everybody wants to spin a yarn.

That's okay. We provide "vanilla" templates too!

Here are topics that WORK. You don't HAVE to use them...


Bad Pictures Make Selling Comics on Craigslist Harder

How to Sell Comics on Craigslist eBook

We show you good and bad examples -- taken from REAL Craigslist listings!

3 More Reasons to Invest in this Valuable eBook

  1. It pays for itself... Make more than your money back with one successful trade
  2. Stop wasting time. GET THEM GONE in hours!
  3. Make MORE MONEY when you sell your comic books on Craigslist with our research tips
Click to buy our How to Sell Comics on Craigslist eBook and templates bundle!

I just finished reading the eBook you wrote and it's good value. Some good tips and advice.
Rita N., CA

Wish I had read this book before I sold my record collection. Will use this for selling my comic books on Craigslist for sure.
Francis, AL

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FAQs About This eBook and Templates

1) How Soon Will I Receive my eBook?

We will email it to you immediately after you finish checkout. The email will come from

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You need to unpack the ZIP file. Your PC will do this for you automatically.

2) How Do I Use the Templates?
Select the entire contents of a template and paste into the Craigslist form.

3) Is This REALLY Worth $7?
We have sold lots of large comic book bundles using Craigslist. It's tried and tested.

Think of it like this. Either you will make $7 or more profit by following the tips in the eBook... OR...

You will save yourself $7 by NOT wasting your time doing Google research.

This eBook will pay for itself very quickly!

4) What if I am Not Satisfied With My Purchase?
We will refund your money for any reason up to 365 days. Alternatively you can offset the refund against any of our other products.

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"Easy to use and written plainly."

Mike, WI

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