X-Men Comic 1 Restored Value?

by Chris

X-Men Comic 1 Restored Value?

X-Men Comic 1 Restored Value?

X-Men Comic 1 Restored Value?

Original pages, cardstock feeling cover, my guess is professionally restored, because it is impossible to notice by appearance. Is it worth anything? Pages I have verified are real.

Editor's reply: Obviously restored comic books are not as appealing to collectors as original condition, even when the original's in poor shape.

However, good-looking restored comics do have value. It depends on what CGC says about it. "Extensive restoration" is their label for books where there has been work done. But if the entire cover has been replaced, I really don't know what grade they would assign to it.

Let's say the grade is 8.5. An unrestored 8.5 will fetch around $14,000. A major restoration comic of the same grade will go for somewhere in the $2,000 range.

Check prices for restored #1s here.

Please do comment if you get it graded. I'm curious to know how this turns out.

More on X-Men Comic Values here.

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